McDonnell Douglas MD-11/DC-10 Livery Tracking Thread


@Josh_Mcmunn be sure to put into the confirmed part that there’s a new netcode for Multiplayer (Fixed Teleporting and Position Delay) for that update. It allows for proper formation flying (As shown in one of Laura’s Recent IG posts)


My man! 😂 Someone knows how to sweet talk to his queens of the sky. All of my aircraft are females too. Gotta be nice to them and land them gently. 💃🏼


Excuse me but queens? We all know there is only one Queen and that is the 747


What about putting the generic livery on the top, because I made that topic and it was closed without reason. (I could be wrong tho).


Provided the generic livery is on every single aircraft in the past 3 years, it doesn’t need a feature request, or for me to waste my time to put ‘Generic’ on the confirmed liveries.


Maybe he is hiding behind a window bar, or he died…


You can just barely see him


Well it just makes it look like more liveries are up there.😁👍😂😉🙃🙂🤔👏😔


You’re still stuck in another lifetime. I’ve moved on to the better and more beautiful queens. 😂


She is still a queen deer!


A soon to be dead one too. 😲


That wasn’t nice at all… 😥


It’s all fun and games. It’s just funny to see your guys reactions. 😁 But I’m done now. Back to tracking the MD11/DC10…


Oh crap your right. 😳😂


claps slowly, very, very, slowly


It is fine, just thought you should know


The first thing im flying is the md11f to test out its performance and cocpit


Very very very… funny.😏


So that must mean the a380 is the king of jumbos 🙂


Naw i should resay that the AN225 is the king of jumbos the md11 and dc10 are the prince and princes