McDonnell Douglas MD-11/DC-10 Livery Tracking Thread


Even I am excited only for the A350!


To add to your argument. If the US election had 50% voter turnout, you count the majority of the 50% votes, the others lost their say. It's only the fault of community members who did not vote when they could have. There was a clearly outlined deadline with ample time to cast a vote. The winner is the MD11 so those who aren't happy should just get over it and move on :)


Low voter turnout is extremely depressing. Very good point, sir.


Read my reply to josh.


I think he said what he meant... 🙂


Changed it sorry for mistake.


If they were useful why did all of these airlines dump these aircraft? Surely if they weren't useless they would still keep them and not convert them into cargo planes, no? That's the only 'use' they have, and even now FedEx is buying more Boeing freighters.


I like how you set up the thread:-)


Because of how old they are, twin jets are taking over.

Bottom line, the twin jets weren't useless, they are a great part of aviation history.


Very true, but now they are showing their age, the only real use for them now is cargo.


Yeah, it wouldn't be profitable if they are passenger, yet it is cargo.


ETOPS aka the liberization of twinjets


Here comes the "add this livery" comments, I just hope they add either FedEx or UPS


You're welcome ;)

Just kidding. Probably also want to thank @Patrick_U, @Sumith, @Boeing707, and @MishaCamp.


Cough cough cough Missing someone??


Who am I missing? ;)


Ah thanks that would be me


KLM confirmed, I'm happy with it


Does anyone know when these jets come out to IF


No one knows FDS don't say until it's released