McDonnell Douglas MD-11/DC-10 Livery Tracking Thread


Hmm, lets delay development of a real aircraft for something that we can only see when a beta tester is there.

Makes sense FDS. :P Expect a feature request in a few minutes.


Of course, I am kidding. Not to mention if it was made, someone would ask to make it available to everyone. XD


So saw someone sent me a photo of @DeerCrusher in the middle of the ocean with an F22, 2000nm away from his last landing. The F-22 only has a ferrying range of 1740nm. So that means only one thing… Black Magic!!! Tyler did say to keep an eye out in the Atlantic.


Who else is excited for the upcoming release of these old but aging trijets? Because I know that I am!!!


I flew with you all the way to the Middle East. So I really don’t know.

Plus I don’t know how much fuel that those planes can hold in Infinite Flight ⛽️


Relax. It was just taking advantage of a jet stream. Surfs up…


Like about five hours of fuel if your not burning it all on turbo


So if I have live+ would I be able to obtain this air craft for free or would I have to pay for the planes?


If you have any of the pros it will be free until it runs out


Hey will this be similar to the c 130 with opening doors?


I’m guessing it will have the same actions button as the c130s and the Sofia and included in those actions is 99% cargo doors idk it makes for realism


Heres a picture from Infinite flight’s instagram page showing the MD-11 with it’s opening cargo doors.

(Credits: Infinite Flight Page)

Screenshot at Nov 08 11-40-44


Cheatlines and analogue instruments, those were the days.


Does this mean they will add this option to all airplanes in IF as they have on this?


Probably not, but we’ll see


I don’t think so, it’s only with the following planes added to IF flight including (4K textures, wingflex and i’m not sure about cargo doors)


I want to fly it so bad!


Latest official info was that Laura was creating the thumbnails for the app. Might not be too far off now.


Thank you for telling me!


Awesome post. I can’t wait to fly the trijets!!