McDonnell Douglas MD-11/DC-10 Livery Tracking Thread


First rework some of the current aircraft before adding new airliners.. look at the gap between B777 and B787... it's a night a day difference... that weird looking 2d-ish cockpit VS a 4K modeled cockpit along with the textures and wing flex... unacceptable in my opinion.. where's my money going? Useless tri-jets? Check.


Well, the comunity had a vote and that determines what we shall get next. The tri-jets aren't useless 🙂. Although I do agree with you but after the trijets and A350. 😂


I beg to differ. Trijets are useless

Theres a reason why theyre getting phased out 🙃

A330s are still being used widely till this day

And i want to emphasise that not majority of the community voted for the MD11/DC10. I'm pretty sure 40 odd percent is not counted as "more than half".


It's not great but...

This is what we started with... I thought to myself, I could photoshop this a little...

And this is a little (a lot, even though it dosent look good it took a long time) bit of photoshopping:

And finally coulouring in a bit...


The new cockpit seemed to be prettier than 787 😊

Ah, I can't wait to see Garuda's livery on trijets


Nope but one of the comments quoth
"Yay! Cargo doors now open which means something extra is coming!"


I'm just really excited to see what the 3D, 4K cockpit will look like 😍


Well, another topic like this......


u shouldve just removed artifacting and called it a day...


Oh, sweet! I'm so happy they've already got this far.


It used to be in the "unconfirmed new features" area


They're getting phased out because they're old, not useless. If they were useless they wouldn't be around for 40+ years. 😂


So don't buy a "useless tri-jet". You pay about a cup of coffee a month for the top tier live subscription and frankly it's obvious that your opinion of "useless tri-jets" is in the minority. So did you have something to add to a discussion about this aircraft or are you just manufacturing/fomenting anger against the devs, the devs who are not paid like rockstars.


Lookup the word "majority"

"the greater quantity or share" straight from the dictionary.


So, since "the greater quantity or share", i.e. that 50+% of people who didn't vote for the DC10/MD11, is not the majority?

Call me salty but I'm only looking forward to the A350.
[muh-jawr-i-tee, -jor-]

the greater part or number; the number larger than half the total (opposed to minority ):
the majority of the population.


That's cool. I'm excited about these new tri-jets, but I'm not going to trash your excitement for the A350 so why do you find it necessary to rain on our tri-jet parade? We're all in this together, a community so to speak.

And if 40% was the greatest share of 100% then yes, that's a majority. If the A350 was 41% then it would have been made first. Consider presidential elections where the winner took less than 50%. I cite 1992 specifically as there was a three person race where Perot took a larger percentage of votes than any third party candidate since causing the winner to be put in office with less than half of the vote, about 43%


Dont worry lah, If SIA DC-10 appear you would be happy too 😊. At least before 9V-SMA (MD11 isnt possible because the fact that SIA didnt have MD11s...)


That's if it does
(Probability of which is low or unknown :) )


I always buy Live+ so you're argument is invalid... my point is that we want to see reworked aircraft. We already have got a bunch of airliners, why should we need more of them, if the majority are "low" quality aircraft. Constantly adding only aircraft becomes pretty boring. Better just focus on features we would like to see..

PM me for more discussion :)


I must admit I do agree with you.

I'd rather see quality, not quantity. I'm still disappointed with the low quality cockpits, and very disappointed that there are no live displays. Its a must have for a sim game, and I think they should be added.