McDonnell Douglas MD-11/DC-10 Livery Tracking Thread


That makes sense. Thanks.


Looking forward to flying that beautiful KLM


MH and KL livery looked great on MD11 😍


Looking forward to fly EVA if they ever add it :)


I agree with you in that they should focus on the aircraft, or should I say potatoes, we currently have instead of adding new aircraft. But whatever, it's their company so they can do whatever they want :/


I am so excited for the MD-11/DC-10!


What a beauty! I would feel spoilt if the Varig livery popped up - fingers crossed.


There very well could be work on other old aircraft behind the scenes, just not at the forefront.


From the looks of that KLM aircraft, it looks like this plane has wingflex.
Please note: I'm not trying to start a rumor, I'm just stating what I see.


I was thinking the exact same thing! But idk if it would be enough to confirm LH


Im pretty sure Cargo door confirmed speaking that the door is open in one pic. Also the devs have talked about it a lot.


Isn't opening cargo doors confirmed? If you look closely at the bottom of the JAL MD-11, you can see the cargo doors are open.


I thought is was too. Is it not?


I totally agree,I think that the photo shows all the functionality of the aircraft currently. As we could see Flaps are down, spoilers up, and reverse thrust are showing and let's not forget the cargo doors


and like why would FDS even bother model the cargo doors if they weren't to work?


I think it has been confirmed. It is shown not o my shown on the JAL, but also if you look very closely you can see it on the KLM too. Jarno also mentioned it on the LiveCast. I think the JAL is showing all moving parts. Doors, reversers, spoilers, flaps, and if you look closely you see the gear doors open too.


Your right! The cargo doors are open on the KLM.


The modeling might be nearly done but it will take longer either the graphics because this is their first "global quality" aircraft they're making from scratch.


Not to mention, they said since scenery will be streamed, which means they have more room to play around with. So it is possible theres open room plane rendering, if it hasn't gone to the amazing scenery thats in global already.


Somebody please do not edit this back. Opening cargo doors are obviously a confirmed feature if it's in the picture.