McDonnell Douglas MD-11/DC-10 Livery Tracking Thread


Pictures of the beauty from Laura’s Stream! ;)

(Sorry for poor quality!)


Laura: (responding to a question about the MD-11)

"Of course there’s gonna be FedEx and UPS on all these guys…

UPS confirmed for the MD-11!


Laura’s live stream:


Super tanker confirmed from Instagram stream, non functional for in air refueling, but “livery” confirmed.



Is it justcalled “Super tanker?”


Pretty sure she confirmed the KC-10 as well!


Not a suggestion but I was told there was going to be a kc10


Super Tanker Livery? I don’t have Instagram so could someone post the livery please?


I cant wait to fly this aircraft!! Im too anxious


I wonder if we are going to see a DC-10 pic 🤔


Laura said that Jarno is almost done with the DC-10 model in the livestream. So I don’t think for a week or two.


These Global pics are looking like P3D. Just incredible.


Thanks. I haven’t watched the livestream, so thanks for letting me know.


no pictures of it yet


It has been a while since any developments… I guess they are concentrating on global, or just don’t bother to post. Or both. Or non. I don’t know.


Ah, 3DS Max :). Love the MD-11! Can’t wait to fly the trijet soon :)


Commmee onnn I want to know more about the md11


I’m sure you will soon ;)


I hope so. We have been waiting for this since December