McDonnell Douglas MD-11/DC-10 Livery Tracking Thread


Maybe the MD11/ DC-10 update will come near but not with Global.


At the way it’s being pictured and the tests Laura is doing it should be pretty soon. However we do know that it will come in the Summer or later as global is confirmed as next update (Remember no confirmed date)


Please don’t spread false info. Philippe said they are aiming to push it in the summer, but that does not mean it is definitely happening then


Changed my post Dont Worry now


She said in that post that :>


Not trying to Make anyone mad but will they start working on the DC-10 after MD-11


I think at the same time but you never now how FDS do it , and you might want to rephrase that.


Vote for UPS and Lufthansa… Those 2 liveries are gorgeous


Did I just predict the future?!?


every aircraft they keep getting better i dont think md-11 will have moving/interactive cockpit but i would be willing to pay 2/3x if it did.

The airbus a350 will be most likely next and properly have some great features


😍😍😱😱😱😍😍 what a beauty!! That’s soooo beautiful!
Sorry but I’m just really excited for that livery.


Well maybe the picture is a DC-10 and not an MD-11. Remember that too is coming in the “trijet update”


Laura is testing the MD-11 and is getting numbers for the flying physics.


So awesome I can’t wait to take this bird to the sky’s especially once global is released.


I think we don’t need any more aircraft today. They should rework the ones we have and bring it to state of the art design, then as soon as we got that I would consider new aircraft. CRJ and Globemaster and A330 and A340 and 767 and 757 (…) are a pain to fly due to necessary tweaks that have to be made.


but infinite flight wont make any money from that so they may not do it soon.


sorry to say areofly 2 has very similar graphics/wing flex.

Of course not Global but graphics similar to that areofly has.


I know. But for a good product you shouldnt have the focus on 3 aircraft ( 787, 777 and A320) but on all of these. Also, I have no problem if they rework the CRJ and make it paid then, or add the basic model with like 3 liveries and then the - 700, - 900 and - 1000 as paid.
Anyway, back on topic


This is obviously fake but this guy keeps saying it’s real🙄


Man you got me excited 😒, don’t post fake MD-11/DC-10 pictures to this topic.