McDonnell Douglas MD-11/DC-10 Livery Tracking Thread


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Back on topic, you three. Please and thank you.


I’m guessing all of the airline liveries will be the old ones they out in the MD/DC’s? Like AAL having the old livery on the MD-11 as an example.


Hopefully so. The KLM teaser had the correct livery on it, (full straight line, not dipped down at the nose) so hopefully, they will have the correct liveries for both jets.


Is this coming in an update?


Eventually, yes. We don’t have any further information at this point.


American Airlines Confirmed!
From Laura’s Social Media


I have all the liveries I need for the MD-11/DC 10. FedEx and American.


I agree! Those will the be liveries that I would most likely be flying… :)


Be sure to go vote for it then.


Look at that Luxury Liner tail! I am looking forward to this. :)


I was about to post it…but looks fantastic!


I Just did !. Thanks, I hadn’t seen that topic.


This is a tracking thread not Livery requesting thread @Daniel_K


I think it is in real life. On her post she said" to bad I didn’t have a better lens that day". That means she might of been using a real camera to take this picture


Wing flex confirmed


Looks Amazing ;) Can’t wait


The wing flex is beautiful, still amazes me that this can be on a mobile device.


When did things like this come out for the Dreamliner when it was in development, that could give us an idea of when the MD11/DC10 update will be ready for rollout:


Here is another confirmed feature