MaxFavorites: V-22 Osprey


Wow really interesting. I would find it a bit humorous watching a helicopter let alone an Osprey hovering over a taxiway on its way out to a runway. Still really cool.


And what about the Harrier? Exact same characteristics and capabilities. Only difference is size and that it uses jets instead of props.

This bird can very much land like an aircraft if need arises. Only similarities that the Osprey has to choppers is hovering and agility, the latter of which is still not as great as a chopper. Everything else is straight up regular airplane. I agree with @Maxmustang on this bird being a necessary addition to start off the diversification of aircraft types within infinite flight. Would vote but at limit and my other votes are on things I feel more important to be added.


So I love the Osprey, but clearly I don’t know how it operates. That’s because I am more interested in the fixed wings at least militarily speaking.


I have been more than hinting about the AV-8B for almost three years…since you are an IFATC …maybe they will hear your voice more than mine !!!


As much as I would love to see that aircraft, I’ve been wanting the sr71 for the longest time… We all have our own agendas that we want pushed.


I guess that is about as likely as the SST…so we always can go to the SA&SM or where ever else online they might have it and look at pics from the good ole days…but it ain’t the same as having your hands on a reasonable facsimile of it to experiment with !!!


@Maxmustang ChrisSez 😂: Got my vote ;).


This is a truly amazing and awsome looking aircraft! It would also be vey different to any plane that is currently in Infinite Flight.


Just had a late thought flash…better the Osprey… than the Spruce Goose… or Albatross !!!


Actually… it would be great to have at least one open cockpit craft.


Yeah… like a Sopwith Camel !!!


Nice plane maybe as for its superior aeronautic capabilities for a biplane… but l think the livery might be a problem !!!


As max said it’s an imperial plane, from the German army, no different than the spitfires emblems. Germany was just fighting in the Great War and not committing atrocities different from the British or Americans in other wars. If it were a WW2 plane and it was a swastika it would be a different story (though I’m not even sure the Luftwaffe had that emblem on their aircraft)


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