MAXFacts: Emirates Cuts US Flts, Cites Security Rules


MaxSez: Politics Vs Profite.


It always dwindles down to politics, which isn’t surprising to be honest. Surprised they aren’t continuing service to NY as it’s one of the busiest intl. airports.


Oh no! I hope that flights to Houston on Emirates are not impacted by this. (Since we are the oil capital of the United States)


Here’s the opener for new foreign airlines to travel internationally!


He but A380s don’t take oil unfortunately, I suspect this will be high on the cut list as it isn’t a massive international dest


Max how and where do you find these Intresting news articles at on a daily basis, its Intresting the decisions being made on a political level and perspective is impacting travel and business decisions.


Because he’s maxmustang!


Here we go again!

ME3 Vs US Carriers

I heard from rumours that EK isnt satisfied with Donald Trump’s administration?


So what are they gonna do with the extra planes?


Use them on services to North Korea.


Increase flights on other sectors, selk them or lease them out.
BTW, the Africa-Europe via DXB and Asia-Europe via DXB remains very strong


True but again the US carriers are still crying over spoilt milk. Before Emirates, it was TWA and PanAm which served the lucrative markets between Africa-US or West Asia-US. Now with those 2 airlines gone, the US3 decided not to serve them. They only inherited landing rights eg United inherited PanAm’s MIA hub and decided to add more domestic and regional routes(very good idea) but there was no airline left to serve those sectors except Emirates during their growth, using their hub as a transit hub instead of an O/D hub. When Emirates became successful, QR and EY followed in EK’s footsteps then when it became successful for EK, EY and QR, the US3 started crying subsidies forgetting that many chose the ME3 carriers because of their excellent service and their hubs having a geographical advantage joining any city pairs with only one stop.
Thats the end of my story😉


Umm there is an unlikely chance they will sell or lease them.


They might lease them out since most aircraft are quite new


I am living near Dubai so I know all movement of Emirates and I am telling you the last time that they will never lease or sell an aircraft.


Here is an interesting article from One Mile at a Time regarding this news 😊


i think Emirates get most of its oil for free from the government thats why united airlines boss a while ago did not call them a “real airline” they are completely funded from the government dont have to pay tax and get oil nearly for free.

In short Houston oil wont be affected


@Matthew_Harrison… Matt you hit the nail on the head! This action is just a political statement! As a government owned entity Emeritus has no bottom line. Dubai is a growing financial hub of the international Globalists Cartels.
This to will pass when America finally realizes that there no longer energy dependent. OPEC has lost its luster. Max Sends


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