MaxFacts: Abort/TOGA. (Video)


MaxSez: The Pilot Flying (PF) is the “Decision Maker”. This video proves the point !


TOGA is just a throttle setting that stands for
Take off Go-Around, I think your title should be "Aborted landings (Video)"
But anyway the video is really interesting, really cool to see some of those go arounds.


@Kevin_Potthast… TOGA goes together with an aborted landing like ice cream and pretzels. It’s the follow thru procedure that counts. You’ll get it eventually, it’s called abstract thinking.


@Kevin_Potthast go-around is simply the common term for an aborted landing. Muck like the aborted takeoff keeps the bird on the ground, the aborted landing keeps the bird in the air.


That was one of the most satisfying aviation videos I’ve ever watched! I find practising aborted landings quite fun, or making aborted landings in live quite fun too.


Nice. I was surprised with the amount of noise the EasyJet go-around made at Maderia I believe.


You did mean ice cream and brownies right?
Anyway that was an awesome video😄


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