Max Final Report from the Irma War Zone!


MaxSez: Irma, Hell of a ride! Been thru Typhoons at sea& Hawaii. Earth Quakes & Volcano eruptions in Hawaii and Okinawa, Tsunami’s in the South Pacific and the Indian Ocean. Let me tell you Irma’s Cat 4 in SWFlorida (Ft. Myers) was a bear and causes memories to fade. Irma was a slow mover stayed in here for about 7+ Hours. 80+ Mph Gusts, my Wx station blew down, horizontal rain in sheets. Was ready, well stocked. Minor damage to the house due to location and 1 story, winds blocked by 2 stories blocking. Gated Community all streets flooded, multiple golf course pond/ lake breached majority of streets flooded, on high ground near entrance can get out all major roads a mess. No power, no traffic lights, open roads look like TS-1 on a bzy day. Just got intermittent power back. KSRW & KFMP remain closed
due to lack of power to nav aids. Expect they will open by Friday for commercial service.



Thank to those who checked in the last few days. All’s well… Max is back!


Nice report!

One of your pics didn’t upload. Make sure there is a gap between the code and it should work. ;)


Glad you’re safe, Max! That storm definitely packed some real power. We got our internet and power back yesterday while my family in Tampa is still without.

Thanks for checking in.


Hey in all seriousness Max, it is reassuring to hear from you. Hope the cleanup and recovery effort bodes well and occurs in a timely fashion.

Stay safe Hoot,


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The category is fine. It’s a topic that has effected many people within the forum so yes, it should exist.


The #general category isn’t for hurricanes and their effect on real world airports… that’s #real-world-aviation.


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That’s some pretty amazing pics there… Glad to see you’re safe max!


Glad you’re safe welcome back :)


Glad to here you didn’t drop drown or get sucked up Max, Looking forward to seeing you replying to everything again


After four days with no Electricity, Air conditioning, or Internet I have finally regained power. So glad to see you safe Max, hope you guys can clean everything up and go back to living a normal life soon :).


It’s great to hear a lot of IFC members in the south east are doing ok.

On another note, the path of hurricane Jose will keep it clear of the devestated Islands in the Carribean and the mainland US, which is great news for those still dealing with the devestation from Irma.


@Maxmustang Do you have power because some communities have power across this state?


Still no power over here and people who have power have no cellphone or internet service. Trees are still blocking roads. No clean has been done by city.


@nicochile2… MaxSez: Appreciate your guidance and recommendation on appropriate features FNG. If you’d like we can discuss net courtesy, respect for our elders and the need to be recognized as a 10%’er. My PM address
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Glad to hear you’re ok! Quite the images, wow. Thanks for the update.


Stop trying to play Moderator, Max is just trying to share the damages to his area with us. We have a Moderation team for gods sakes. Perhaps ask him if he and his family are Okay? He is a Victim of a Hurricane that has killed three lives so far, and you’re over here deabting whether which catagory this should be in.


That will be it for now. Max responded to him so let’s move along and wish everyone well.


I believe Max and Carrots and all the mods have taken care of that. No need for you to play moderator either. Have a good day!

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