Malaysia MH370 Missing Aircraft Search Pauses


um, is that a real picture?


If the plane was found in one place, how do we know that we were “off course?” Even if we were off-course, we still couldn’t find the plane.


Guys, don’t go off topic anymore

Weren’t some pieces of MH370 found on the Maldives?

That’s why, I thought they already knew where it had crashed.


Yes, unfortunately I agree with you. After extensive reading about this, foul play appears to be the only scenario without major flaws.


I thought it was people in the Maldives allegedly saw the plane fly low over. It hasn’t been confirmed though, I find it unlikely


You’re correct on that but there was debris of the aircraft that landed on the island.
Air Maldives have similar colors(livery) on their aircraft as Malaysian airlines.
Well that’s what I heard.


The mix-up between the 2 aircrafts would be highly unlikely when the aircraft was spotted


Huh, this is very interesting. It’s nice to see the search continuing.

Side note: It’s spelled paid, not payed.


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion about any subject. Until proven wrong by definitive evidence everyone’s options are right please don’t say “it was a fire.” Because there is no definitive answer it could have been a little kid who flushed the toilet wrong for all we know.


I think it smashed to hard into the ocean meaning why every thing was in spdiffrent corners of the ocean?


I think it’s somehere on the west of Africa (a large portion at least) and the rest is probably stuck on some rocks at the bottom of the ocean


I think Charles Lindbergh jr took the controls and flew her straight to moon base alpha. It’s as realistic as Diego Garcia and someone already claimed we are all entitled to our own opinions, so there you go. Lindbergh baby + missing 777 = moon base alpha.


No need for this rubbish…


They have 90 days… and with money at stake… their effort is going to be really hard… which is good.


Well with alot of money on the line, and jobs… It’s always important to take matters very seriously


It is an Search team from the Netherlands to and also they dont get paid if they not find it.


I have an idea we can help.

Let me explain we don’t have the cockpit voice recorder but we can look at were it crashed maybe the winds how many people were onboard were it was heading to and the speed?

It’s not the best idea but there has to be a problem. And rember the Air France crash that was found in the Atlantic maybe we have to take a look at that and maybe we will find something similar.

I have tons of books of the saying Air France Flight (air investigation books) paosters of that 777. Who’s going to help does family’s want to know what happend to the relatives and I’m going to help and if I find out what happend then I’m contacting the AAIB so they can pass the info.

I’m probably going to be wrong.


Just saw this yesterday in the local newspaper. It’s a great thing you shared this with other people.

Also, on the local newspaper, they said that the cost of finding it is 285 million if more than 25,000 miles is covered. Also, one of the crews involved in the search of the aircraft also was involved in the Air France search.


Who you talking to me or someone else?


This is puzzling there was a nearby aircraft but couldn’t it see the plane or was it at night?