Malaysia MH370 Missing Aircraft Search Pauses


How could you possibly know? That is just a predicted flight plan and might not at all reflect the actual flightplan…


I think the fire started at the back of the tail damaging the ACARs, but it probably didn’t spread very fast. The plane was able to fly but probably out of control (since hydraulics might have been affected).


We found the flaps and other components years ago, we know the rough area


We also have 7 hours of satellite data from after it disappeared. It didn’t catch fire


Hmm, so that probably means that if the fire was the cause of the crash, then it slowly tore the pieces off of the airliner and then it crashed into the ocean. If it didn’t catch fire then there could have been a maintenance defect on the wing flap that would cause it to fall off.


Just because we found “flaps and other components” doesn’t mean we know the exact area where it “crashed”. Speaking about “crashed”, did it even crash? That’s just another theory.

I would like to know your opinion on the Diego Garcia-theory. After analyzing streams the day after the accident the water streams were perfectly laid out for parts to float to the east of Africa.


The flaps are proof that it didn’t crash 7 hours earlier however


-_- if there was a fire it would have crashed minutes after it disappeared, we would have found it on day 2, not realise we were searching thousands of kilometres off course


Hmm, that is true. Then if a flap was to be found and that it belonged to the doomed jet, then it probably fell due to maintenance issues. If it fell along with the whole plane, then we would have found the plane by now.


You do realise planes do break up on hitting the water?


Yes, I realize that but if a flap was found but not the debris of the plane itself. Then it probably fell off the plane when it was in the air. When the plane breaks up, things will be scattered on the water (or land), but a flap would not be able to fly that far away from the jet.


Because the flaps can float, black boxes, can’t float


Flaps can float, but they can’t fly.


Take Air France 447, it crashed in 2009, the tail was found 5 days after the crash, because it floats, the rest of the plane was found 2 years later, because it can’t float


Even if this was the case a fire in the back of the aircraft would not have damaged the ACARS. The ACARS data is transmitted over VHF and I believe (not sure) that the 777 has a fall-back to HF as well. These antennas are spread over the aircraft so a fire in the back wouldn’t stop ACARS just because of its ability not to transmit.


The rest of the plane was underwater and it was not far from where they found the tail either.


No not really actually, if it was they would have found it a few weeks after once they got things into the atlantic.

Here is another plane to prove my case that planes can’t float



I know planes cannot float. I know that some parts of the plane can float. And that picture you showed me was the plane as a whole. We are talking about a plane that broke up, either in mid-air or when it impacted the Indian Ocean.


The plane impacted upon hitting the ocean, if it broke up mid air we would have found it on day 2, not realise we were thousands of miles off course


Its sad but I think there was either foul play involved or a captain with ulterior motives. Hopefully they will find something soon so we can put this tragedy to rest.