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» Short Introduction about Lion Air «
Lion Air, is an Indonesian low-cost carrier. Based in Jakarta, Indonesia, Lion Air is the country’s largest privately run airline, the second largest low-cost airline in Southeast Asia after AirAsia and the second largest airline of Indonesia, flying to more than 79 destinations in Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia, as well as charter routes to China, Hong Kong and Macau

ℹ️ ● About us ●
We’re officially announced by IFVARB on 4 December 2017. Based on the original world, we are a well-known low-cost airline from Indonesia. Our goal is to allow Pilots feel the experience community of fellow Fan of Lion Air to fly the Most favourite Aircraft in the world That is Boeing 737-9GPER/(900ER). We have an interesting destination route to fly to which we are headed in several cities in Indonesia and China.
Not only regular flights, we have a special service for those of you who have joined us. You can call it as Lion Rapid Transport Or Lion Bizjet

✈️ ● Our fleets ●

ℹ️ Did you know? Lion air is the world largest 737-900ER Operator?
" Lion Air was the launch customer for the largest variant of the Boeing 737, the 737-900ER, for which it placed an order in 2005. "

» But it is our main fleet, although with the nickname we still have other fleets such as:

  • B737-800 NG
    It will allow the airline to offer more non-stop flights at affordable rates to many destinations. After sensing the efficiency of fuel use on Boeing 737-900

  • B747-400
    Currently Lion Air has two Boeing 747-400 aircraft, and the aircraft can carry 506 passengers. the aircraft which is also known as the Jumbo Jet has four engines and can fly at a speed of mach 0.85 or 909 kilometers per hour. This fleet usually used for Hajj chartered flight to Jeddah

  • A330-300
    The latest fleet of wide-bodied aircraft belonging to Lion Air is the Airbus A330-300. Lion Air has three Airbus A330-300 .

● Our Available routes ●

We have some routes that according to the real routes based from Lion Air Routes, that is …

➡️ this are our domestic Routes that the Hub is on WIII and WADD are our second Hub

And this our charterred routes

International Routes

✩ Minimum Requirements to join ✩
👥 Are you interested to join us? Fairly easy & simple

  • Active Live Subscription √
  • Grade 2 √
  • More than 20,000 XP √
  • No More than 80 violations √
    You meet the above requirements? If yes, contact me via PM ✉️ with the title “LGVA Registration” . Or by visiting our websites below ⬇️⬇️

● Websites ●
Please take your time to visit our websites below
Lion Air VA Main website | HOME 🏣
● Lion Private/Lion bizjet ●
Lion Rapid Transport - LRT | Lion Private

❗️» Why us?
√ " Lion Air Virtual Group tries to provide a variety of Routes whilst giving the Pilots a easy choice to fly "

⚠️ Lion Air Virtual has been certified by IFVARB team⚠️

Thanks for reading 😀🙏

@ouzi » CEO
@vinoalviano » Founder
@Fariz_Rizky » Flight Validator
@nicoustic , @radhitya_dhaniswara » Staff

» Special thanks to «
@DeerCrusher and the colleague

[FINISHED] Lion Air Presents// Indonesia's Toughest Approach @ WAFF - 262240ZMAY18
[CLOSED] Lion Air virtual | Charter together to Macau @ WAMM - 100000ZJUN18

Well done on the very nice looking thread! Wishing you the best!


I never knew Lion had the 747, or the A330 in fact. Very nice!


Yes, unfortunately but we just waiting for the farewell flight PK-LHG (?)
@Captain_Ed heheh…😀 so, the A330 used for hajj flight service


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Guys, this might sound like the stupidest question ever, but what do you do after you join a VA? I’ve never joined one soooooooo yea…


You fly their routes and gain hours, climb up the ranks and join in with their organised events.


How does the owner of the VA or me check the ranks? Thanks.


We have the pirep, but isn’t completed yet.
the Pirep is coming soon… 😉


Thanks! I’ll decide to join or not tmrrw. I most likely will ;)


Hae bro,
Well done for the VA (although I still confused about what and how is a VA) :)
Nice to see fellow Indonesian in IF.


New chat features now available at Member Registration Tab See Here

Thank you for Your Corporation


I want to join your VA


Sure. You can register it from our website 😉


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