LATAM VA Introduction & Landing competition @ YSSY - 121600ZAUG17


Yes we noticed that, as we went we found users with inappropriate names, our staff were on a voice callow reported the trolls. Thank you for your attendance!


Well… I just landed without my gear. 😁 Great event guys, looking forward to see the winners hahaha.


Ran out of likes. Looking forward to the announcement of the winner!


hehe we saw that : ) we thought the touch was good but then realised there was no gear xD


We will announce the winner 13 august 1300z, the winner gets a special badge, and a custom emoji (if they join) and also a mention on the website! (you don’t have to join for the mention).

there will be first place, second place and 3d


Great! Again, ran out of likes.


THANK YOU Infinite Flight Community!

What an amazing event!

we couldn’t be any happier to have such a great group of Pilots! we worked really hard to make this event happen although there were some trolls that did not allow some people to take off on time for the most part everyone followed instructions I am very pleased with the turnout more than we expected but definitely no. The pilots that joined are some of the best don’t forget to post your pictures of the event and also gave us a like check out or website and our community post.

Together Further


Thank you Gav for the brilliant comment! We are proud to have you onboard.


We will share screenshots and more on this topic!


Great! Will you have a list rundown of where everyone else placed in the competition? Also, I hope it was fine to use APPR on landing because that’s what I used:).


Auto land doesn’t make the best landings, so it is honestly unlikely you will qualify I think.


Ok,… Its fine with me. It’d still be great to have a list though.


Some photos from the event.


looks so fun, wish i was able to make it


Maybe next time! Thank you for commenting : )


It’s 1300 Zulu! I’m excited to see the winners!


We have a slight delay due to our event manager being on a flight to Las Vegas. We will most definitely post the winner in a few hours when he lands.
We are sorry for any inconvenience caused.


May I ask who was Captain Africa on the event? May I have IFC username please? Thank you.


@rhett_mysta perhaps?


No he landed without his gear xD