LATAM VA Introduction & Landing competition @ YSSY - 121600ZAUG17


We have, some poeple’s wifi went crazy but most people separated 1602z


everyone, please go 260knts


@Gavrilo please take into account that because of the long flight, there is a glitch which makes it appear to you like everyour will be off centre of the runway. Please look where most people are landing to know where our centre line is.


Could I go past 260kts to catch up?


Yes you can! @nicochile2


Is there any procedure for parking after landing?


No there is not although if you would like to spectate other members landing you can park near us!


Well, I think I am the last one, so…


I am now parked, my landing wasn’t that good.


How was my landing? - tam 118


We really liked it!!


How was my landing :/ - Ups 0300


Nice event! Winner announced tomorrow! ✈️✈️


My landing was terrible… Nice event!


hey, i was i front of you :) -Tam 118


Is it okay if I end flight?


of course! you can leave when you want


Great event guys, can’t wait to see the results for comp. I was flying LAN Chile 007 as AlexH


ok cool, thank you for your attendance!!


I think it was a really great event, especially considering this was your first. However, I would suggest the next event to be in the expert server, as there were a number of trolls at Sydney while we were departing, and that’s not nice.