LATAM VA Introduction & Landing competition @ YSSY - 121600ZAUG17


no problem!! you can most definitely get a gate!


Take gate 1-50 @Alex_nasano


Would you still like a gate @Makdak


Yes please. Sorry for the deletion of my last post.


Am i able to have a gate please?


I will be there , can I have a gate will be in B747-200


Sorry will be in 787-9


no problem! @Samuel_Boakye


Which gate was I assigned?


Below is a list of updated Gates

Parking GATE 1-08: Federico_1444
Parking GATE 1-09: @ AllegiantAir
Parking GATE 1-10: @ astrosloth5
Parking GATE 1-24: @ ftube
Parking GATE 1-25: @ nicochile2
Parking GATE 1-30: @ Kareem_Hani
Parking GATE 1-31: @ 2345
Parking GATE 1-32: @Felix_Maroni
Parking GATE 1-33 : @ Diegar
Parking GATE 1-34: @rhett_mysta
Parking GATE 1-35: @ Naudit
Parking GATE 1-36: @Olumide_Gideon
Parking GATE 1-37: @AdamTanA350
Parking GATE 1-50: @Alex_nasano
Parking GATE 1-51: @Makdak
Parking GATE 1-53 : @Adam_Byrne
Parking GATE 1-54: @Samuel_Boakye
Parking GATE 1-55:
Parking GATE 1-56
Parking GATE 1-57
Parking GATE 1-58
Parking GATE 1-59


May I have a gate? I’m the chief pilot at Latam lol.


No hay ningún problema! (There’s no problem)

Parking GATE 1-55


I’ll be there Gate 1-56


ty! :D
I need to type more for me to be able to post this so this is here now.


Hello, I will be attending this event. Is there any chances you can sign me up, and put me down for a gate? @Federico_1444 My I.F username is TheNAchoKKd. Thank you.


Hi there! I wasn’t sure if I was going to Ben able to make this event but I will now be able to, so may I have a gate if still possible? Really excited to take part in this event! :)


Can I Please Get a gate? I will be flying a LATAM 787-9. I would love to join


Thanks for welcoming me!I would try to come despite the timezone difficulty!


3 hours until the event… looks like I will be able to attend. More info later.
EDIT: I will, see you in a couple hours!


Why did you tag me? I can’t assign you a gate. Ask @Gavrilo and @Federico_1444