LATAM VA Introduction & Landing competition @ YSSY - 121600ZAUG17


Thank you all for showing interest. I have assigned you gates and hope to see you there this Saturday!


@nicochile2 @2345 @Kareem_Hani @ftube
Check the gates arrow to view your gate!


I want a gate too. Gracias.


1-32 pls give me this Gate and my name in game is FelixMaroni and can i fly A321 Swiss? Pls Answer fast as possible thx


Could I have gate as well? I’ll be flying a 321. Thanks for the post!


I recommend doing on expert. Otherwise a event like this which gets lots of attendees will become chaos


Thank you for your recommendation. @QR01 sometimes Casual and TS1 gets a bad rep. If you check casual on Sidney right now. There are barely any people there. Our next event will cater to Expert server users , so maybe you can join us.

For now, we want to use casual to welcome everyone, as we have a plan against trolls and people who won’t follow instructions


As of this post, gates have been updated. Please review gates if you have any questions


@Diegar @Felix_Maroni @rhett_mysta


I cant come. Doesn’t fit my timezone.


ok, thank you for letting us know!


Thanks for the heads up! Next time!


Please can I get a gate too?


Gavrilo will assist you shortly


@Olumide_Gideon @Naudit I have assigned gates to you


May I have a gate?Thanks.


Please which of the gates was assigned to me?


Parking GATE 1-36, scroll up to the topic, click where it says gates to view your gate. @Olumide_Gideon


Below is a list of updated Gates

Parking GATE 1-08: Federico_1444
Parking GATE 1-09: @ AllegiantAir
Parking GATE 1-10: @ astrosloth5
Parking GATE 1-24: @ftube
Parking GATE 1-25: @nicochile2
Parking GATE 1-30: @Kareem_Hani
Parking GATE 1-31: @2345
Parking GATE 1-32: @Felix_Maroni
Parking GATE 1-33 : @Diegar
Parking GATE 1-34: @rhett_mysta
Parking GATE 1-35: @Naudit
Parking GATE 1-36: @Olumide_Gideon
Parking GATE 1-37: @AdamTanA350
Parking GATE 1-50
Parking GATE 1-51
Parking GATE 1-53
Parking GATE 1-54
Parking GATE 1-55
Parking GATE 1-56
Parking GATE 1-57
Parking GATE 1-58
Parking GATE 1-59


Could I please get a gate, it’s okay if I can not