LATAM VA Introduction & Landing competition @ YSSY - 121600ZAUG17


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Server: Casual Server

Region: Sydney

Airport: YSSY-YSCB

Aircraft:A319 (LAN or TAM livery). A321 (Generic Livery). 787-9 (LATAM Livery).

Time: 1600Z

Date:August 12th 2017

NOTAM: Welcome to our first group flight! We are excited for the new LATAM event system. We are thrilled to showcase our pilots and beautiful fleet. We challenge you to show us your best landing! Winner will be announced August 13th at 1300z
We hope you can all make it!
Please maintain spacing between all planes, if you cannot follow this rule, you will be disqualified from the competition. Please do not overtake the event leader @ federico_1444. The judge will be our Head Of Events @ Gavrilo.Please spawn in at least 10 mins before event. We will depart on time.
Winners will be featured on our website and have their own custom emoji and badge if they choose to join our team.

Our Flight Plan For The Flight(You can also copy @ Federico_1444’s flight plan when spawned in

Climb VS:VS1500
Descend VS:VS1000

Way Points



Parking GATE 1-08: Federico_1444
Parking GATE 1-09: @ AllegiantAir
Parking GATE 1-10: @ astrosloth5
Parking GATE 1-24: @ ftube
Parking GATE 1-25: @ nicochile2
Parking GATE 1-30: @ Kareem_Hani
Parking GATE 1-31: @ 2345
Parking GATE 1-32: @ Felix_Maroni
Parking GATE 1-33 : @ Diegar
Parking GATE 1-34: @rhett_mysta
Parking GATE 1-35: @ Naudit
Parking GATE 1-36: @ Olumide_Gideon
Parking GATE 1-37: @AdamTanA350
Parking GATE 1-50: @Alex_nasano
Parking GATE 1-51: @Makdak
Parking GATE 1-53 : @Adam_Byrne
Parking GATE 1-54: @Samuel_Boakye
Parking GATE 1-55: @ TheNAchoKKd
Parking GATE 1-56: @Sean999
Parking GATE 1-57: @NorwegianStar_YT
Parking GATE 1-58: @joseph_lonergan
Parking GATE 1-59: @ personmajig
Parking GATE 1-60 : @Ezrap27

Note We will add more gates if needed.


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We hope to see many new faces at our introductory flight!


I will be there @Gavrilo!
Gate 1-09


Thanks @AllegiantAir I have assigned you a gate for this event.


Amazing event! Hope to see you all here : )


May I have a gate, also what time will this be at?


This event will be the 12th of august 1600z.
@Gavrilo will assign you a gate soon, stay tuned for your gate!


Thank you for showing interest. I am glad to have you here!


@astrosloth5 you have parking GATE 1-10! Thank you for your interest!!


Gate 1-11, I’m not 100% sure that I can make but i’ll still sign up in the case that I can make it


You may have gate 1-24 as there is no gate 1-11! Thank you for your interest!


I think I can go there. Can’t be sure still.
Is there a possibility to “reserve” a gate, but in the end, if I am not sure, you can take me out?


No hay ningun problema! Of course we can do that for you. Please let us know at least 2 hours before the event if you can’t come though.


@Gavrilo will assign you a gate soon


No problem. Thanks so much! I’ll be letting you know as soon as I can if I will be participating.


Perfect! Thank you for your interest :)


Hi i would like to join plz.


No problem! @Gavrilo will assign you a gate soon, please watch this topic regularly to see your gate soon! Thank you for your interest!!


could i get a gate pls?