LATAM A320-200 (New Livery)


I hope that you are not to dissapointed Mauricio. This livery will be added sooner or later:)


It’s okay, my friend. The fight will continue, because I and many in Latin America look forward to this livery and other South American ones. 🙂


We have enough votes for this livery, now we are just waiting for the good sense of FDS.


Oh man… I can’t vote yet!!!


Just evolve the account. 😉


It will be a great addition… Beautiful livery indeed!


You got my vote! I would love to have this livery on the a320. Even better if it was on the a319 & 21 too!


One thing at a time, right? According to the achievements, we continue fighting for the next. 😉😁


Beautiful livery. Unfortunately, I don’t have votes. (-:


Congratulations, the livery has been added!