LA Speed Check


It’s been a while since I last posted anything here, but thought you all might like this. It’s been on the front page of Reddit, so perhaps you may have seen it already. But maybe not.


I saw this on Reddit but was too lazy to watch, I guess I’ll watch it now lol.

EDIT: now that I watched this is such a great story.


That was a proper fun little video!


Haha! Would loved to be on the frequency. But let’s be honest, a TS1 pilot would go even faster. 😂

I wish that plane was still around.


That’s the problem with Reddit. So much rubbish mixed in with the occasional really good post.


If Misha suggests I’ll watch…

UPDATE: I watched it now and thought Steve Jobs was the Narrator at the start! 🤣

The whole thing was soo funny


I don’t go on the popular section because it’s just a bunch of trash but if you just see posts from subs you like it s great, for example aviation.


Such a great video! Would have been a dream to hear it in person.


Great video. Thanks for the share.


I love all of the little anecdotes of the old Air Force pilots.


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