Jump seat - Is it possible


If you know the pilots or you are invited by the airline like sam chui probably yes,other than that its very unlikely here in indonesia and probably the rest of the world


Why are there so many comments on US /FAA regulations when the OP’s flight is within the EU and under EU/EASA regulations?

The answer may still be no, but FAA regulations are completely irrelevant here.


Probably because no one from the EU/EASA has decided to comment. Those agencies and the FAA share similar policies. They may not always align and may be worded differently but the involvement of the community is only shedding some light on possible situations. 🙂

Just think, folks are more educated now than they were yesterday. Its a win, win.


I don’t think you can due to terrorizing regulations even though it would be dope to do this I don’t think it’s a possibility



Dispatchers can sit in the cockpit? On company AC or any airline? Thats news to me. Learned something new today. Thanks for letting me know. Just know netjets, flexjets, gamma and my company can’t, sadly. I miss it. Then again I am home based so no commute needed.


Hmm… Interesting. I was denied going to the cockpit during a BA flight on a trip7 from IAD- LHR even when I offered they could see my licences. Might have to try again then. Haha


Yes we can, since 121 says we need 5 hours in the cockpit for our work, dang that sucks you all can’t!
Here’s me jumpseating from Seattle to Anchorage a few weekends ago


One way you can do it is to become an air traffic controller. In about 2 weeks my dad will be setting of to Perth from Abu Dhabi on a FAM flight. A FAM flight is a familiarization flight. It where ATC get to sit in the jump seat for the journey but they get to understand a pilots life while in there office high in the sky. ATC can learn how they pilots respond with the ATC such as my dad.
My dad works at the Sheikh Zayed Air Navigation Center located in Abu Dhabi.

So yeah become an Air Traffic controller and you could have a chance to fly in the jumpseat!


There are a couple of airlines that play a little more fast and loose when it comes to jumpseat. Nothing in the US and EU. A couple of smaller carriers in Africa and the Middle East allow jumpseating by regular passengers.


Best seat in the house (minus the workload haha) Cool stuff 😊


I have been in the jumpseat for a 6 hour flight before its so boring after a hour


You ever jump with Atlas or any cargo airlines? Best flights lol


I wanted to in ups or FedEx, but never worked with my commute and on my off days I would travel. Maybe one day 😊


FedEx has a flight from SEA here to ANC which isn’t bad, if you’re ever wanting visit!


Will be heading to Sea next month to chcek out the Boeing factory. Been on my list for a while now.


Oh neat! Which one? I have family who work at Renton and Everret! Everret is a fun facility to check out


Both. Ideally. And throw in some sightseeing too. Ha


Awesome! Dude enjoy it for sure! When you’re in Seattle go to the Pier and hit Ivers up!


Some one is a little excited lol