JetBlue or Delta


Average over the past week per Flightaware was 5hr 30min for JFK-LAX, 7hr for JFK-LHR.


Delta flies a shorter long haul to Dublin from New York and Boston, it is at 6 hours.


Being someone who enjoys the ability of having PTVs, both delta and JetBlue currently seem like great airlines, although I’d chose JetBlue over delta due to legroom, free food, free drinks, free live tv, and free WiFi.


That makes sense, also in my experience JetBlue has had better crews, and a comfy seat! To me I would look at price and base it off of that and timing.

P.S: I love your channel!


I’ve had some bad experiences with JetBlue because my armrest was ripped out of my seat so I couldn’t use the IFE so I would choose delta most likely and also because it’s a Boeing