JetBlue or Delta


I don’t think bigger planes means anything in deciding which airline is better


Well Delta is better for longer flight routes.


Delta offers free messaging for all customers.


Yes I confused the free GoGo wifi for T Mobile customers with the free messaging. Minor error


I love JetBlue. I really like their clean cabin designs and the overall how clean their cabins are.


Not a fair comparison, JetBlue doesn’t even fly long haul flights.


I like jetblue for their amazing value! Honestly their mint class is amazing service for great value!


Jetblue does transcontinental flights, i.e. JFK-LAX, which can be over 6 hours - equivalent timing to an eastbound transAtlantic route. So, the comparison is fair.


According to JFK-LAX is 2,475 miles. JFK-LHR is 3,451 miles.


I went based off of the times for the flight. Westbound across the US from JFK-LAX on jetBlue is 6.5 hours. Eastbound from JFK to LHR is a little over 6 hours on Virgin Atlantic, due to the winds as well.


I would disagree. Airlines tend to put more focus in international routes.

Comparison on the same route is definitely more accurate, as well as the same aircraft.


I would say jetBlue since they have good service, And from my point of view they have good fares.


Same I say delta I also have flown on delta for the last 10 years did you used to travel with northwest airlines


I only remember flying them twice or thrice I was 9 years old then, used to call them red airplanes my mom told me 😂


Lol delta is the best airline have you ever flown to PHX or MSP


PHX is my hometown airport


MSP yes because it close to my region and I have a few layover there from Indy to Idaho, PHX never been there unfortunately


Oh Msp is pretty nice ain’t it. By the way I love your profile picture


Haha thank you :), yours ain’t bad either


In both airlines respect, JetBlue and Delta are great airlines in the industry. Although I have tried both airlines and both were great, I fly mostly Delta (My parents won’t let me choose the airline RIP) and I’ve had my fair share of good and bad for both airlines. Overall I think Delta provides one of the best experiences especially in connections for the customer!