JetBlue or Delta


Let’s compare for a second, shall we?
Seats: here’s Delta 739’s B/E Aerospace Pinnacle seats havs
JetBlue’s classic 320’s RECARO seats have
JetBlue’s transcon 321’s RECARO seats have
JetBlue’s V2 321’s RECARO seats have
As you can see, the worst seat JetBlue offers (The 321 V2) still creams Delta’s 739, so JetBlue definitely wins that one.
Business Class, come on, do I even have to list it?
Here’s what Delta offers on the 739:
A 9" LCD screen with video on demand and entertainment library, Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi (extra payment)
And JetBlue on the 320: 6.8" LCD screen with 36 channel of Direct TV, ViaSat in-flight Wi-Fi (Free)
JetBlue on the 321: 10.1" LCD screen with 100+ channel of Direct TV, ViaSat in-flight Wi-Fi (Free)
So it depends on what you’re going for. Delta creams the 320, and comes pretty close with the 321. The Wi-Fi though, JetBlue wins big times.
Pretty much the same, both offer Coca-Cola beverages and Starbucks coffee, JetBlue provides light snack though, so JetBlue wins by a little bit.
Overall: As you can tell from my profile pic, I’m a die heart JetBlue fan, so I am biased. But with all the facts listed out here, JetBlue seems to be the better one here. So


I go with JBU all the way!!! They are the best airline in the US. I am always invited to the flight deck when I ask, and the pilots are very nice!!!


Totally! They are very nice!


JetBlue all the way! They have free unlimited snacks, drinks and IFE.



Delta because it has a larger fleet which means it can go to many destinations and the service at Delta is fantastic.


If delta is expensive go for Jetblue. This is a very hard decision.


jetBlue’s a321 is a very nice plane, although I woke up after a 5 hour flight with a really terrible back ache. Other than that, the service was great, the wifi worked as well as you would expect, and I was entertained by the options on the TV.

If the route is long enough, I believe Delta will offer a meal on the flight, which I remember enjoying (surprisingly) when I flew with them a while back. In the end of the day, if you plan on flying coach, I would suggest jetBlue. If you plan on flying first/business or premium economy, I think Delta would be better.


This might help.

It’s has JetBlue and delta in it😃


Larger fleet does not mean anything. He has established that Delta and JetBlue serve the route he is planning to fly on.


uhhhhhhh… JetBlue hands down, but if Delta is cheaper then I’d take Delta, as long as its in one of their aircraft with PTVs


Deltas quite nice in my experience, as long as your on the right aircraft , the MD-88/90s are old and have little entertainment options, but my most recent flight on a 737-900ER was quite good! JetBlue is also quite good on their A320, but the interior is a bit old the legroom and service is amazing, I would base your chosen airlines though on price and aircraft


I would agree, second to the renovated A320s or A350s


I like Delta better they have some of the nicest seats


JetBlue is the BEST U.S. domestic carrier, hands down. Free WiFI, free T.V, free movies, free Sirius XM, drinks, and snacks…what more could you ask for?


Delta has the bigger planes, even the A350, and used to have 747 from 747-100 to 747-400. I pick Delta.


Delta because that’s the only airline I’ve flown in the past 10 years 😂


Delta has all of that too except the free wifi as it just is for T Mobile users who get free messaging.


We both differ in opinions, don’t we?


Not when you are stating that Delta doesnt have free tv, free IFE, or snacks and drinks. They do all of that. It isnt an opinion it is a statement that I am correcting you on.


I’m not saying they don’t. I just said everything JetBlue includes. No need to get defensive.