Is it true? Is Southwest not serving peanuts anymore?


There is a lot of people in this topic that don’t seem to fully comprehend what it’s about.

To the people that say southwest’s in flight service is getting worse. How often do you fly them? I fly southwest every few months and it always seems to be getting better. Flight attendants have always been nice and their snack selection, if anything has gotten bigger. Recently on longer flights I’ve seen Oreos some kind of cracker and I think wheat thins. Removing peanuts isn’t this end of world scenario for getting a snack you enjoy on the flight.

Also, one of my friends has alergies so severe that touching our kitchen table and scratching their arm or something gives them bumps. It’s hard to clean a plane in the 45-60 minutes it’s on the ground for a layover and once you realize once the last passenger gets off boarding begins almost right away. It’s hard to clean every single seat so even if your flight doesn’t have peanuts if the flight before did some passengers are still st risk. Removing them all together is the only necessary way to remove alergies like these from becoming a major issue.



I have collected 15 peanut bags!


Sell them on EBay for $10/bag or more, say they’re a vintage item 😝


I’ve collected 4 from my last 3 flights!


In my educated opinion we need gummy bears on flights


Gummy Bears? I personally would think not many would take a bag of gummy bears over pretzels or peanuts


Yes it is true… they aren’t.


Yeah😂 I know! I just took a flight yesterday



I know it has been a very painful 7 days for me as this marks one week without southwest peanuts…

But! The good news is that I collected 35 peanut bags!!! So, in other words, $10 dollars for a bag. PM if you want one😂

I’m kidding


Give me the pretzels nom nom nom XD


The reason why is that they make more profit because they spend less money on the peanuts. lol


actually that is not the case at all, they stopped serving them due to allergy concerns. One boy had to have an epi pen administered on the plane because of the dust from peanuts being served to other passengers


Ok. I got really hungry and just ate one of my 35 bags. It just hit me…

I’m eating history.