Is it true? Is Southwest not serving peanuts anymore?


I wouldn’t be surprised- before delta stopped serving peanuts, every other flight, there would be an announcement saying that there was a person allergic to peanuts so they wouldn’t serve any. Soon after, they just switched to almonds- kind of annoying but I guess it makes sense. Why buy peanuts if you can only serve them half the time? The peanut allergy had kind of exploded- so many people have it now.


Can peanuts be THAT good that fellow members are sobbing on each others’ shoulders? (I guess…)
Personally for me, I’ve never flown SouthWest. The last time I flew an American airline other than Delta was so many years ago I can’t even remember when!

if they’re chocolate covered I’m ok with this


I know right it drives me nuts


Are you sure Delta has stopped serving peanuts? I fly with them at least 6 times a year and always get peanuts as an option for in flight service weather it’s a short it long haul.


When did you last fly them? I fly them at least the same amount you do.


Mid of March and will be in a week and a half.


Anaphylactic Shock at 30k feet leading to death. A silly tradition continuing of eating a bag of 8 mediocre peanuts instead of pretzels or something else.

One of those has massive consequences.

One does not.


If you are that high, your chances, even with an epi pen, are not very great. The idea is to quickly get it relatively under control, but you have to be rushed to the hospital immediately after injection. To get a plane safely on the ground and a person to a proper medical facility would be very hard. I think this is a great move from Southwest. Even if you never have an issue you can take comfort in the fact that you are more safe than without this change.

One issue that I could see arising is someone bringing their own nuts on board. They could have no clue that a pax had an allergy. I personally have a cashew allergy and I can tell If someone has cashews, especially through recirculated air. I won’t die if I don’t eat it, but it could certainly make an uncomfortable flight to see the least.

Anyway, it seems to at least be a step in the right direction


Weird- every time I have asked for peanuts in the past 12 months, they told me that they didn’t serve them anymore


🤔 they have them on my hour flight to Atlanta in a blue metallic small bag. What flight(s) have you been on with Delta?


It literally says PEANUTS so if your allergic don’t eat them we are loosing a good snack to people who are allergic and eats them anyway.


I was JUST on a Southwest flight and they did serve peanuts. It doesnt really make sense because if people have allergic reactions then why do they eat them? Ik some people have a very sensitive allergies that even if they smell it, it causes a reaction. But tbh, they shouldnt stop giving them out in my opinion


I don’t think you understand it, there are some people who can’t even be near them. I was one of those people. Mine was so bad that there were days I couldn’t even be in the lunchroom because of all the peanut smell in the air. This move was needed. Ik you might think that it’s only bad if allergic people eat them, but some have it much more worse, where they can’t even be in an area with them.


I’m sorry I am just mad right now😔😔😭😭😩😩


Dang it. Guess I am going to have to just fly Delta now. Living in Baltimore, a SW hub, that is going to be difficult.


Let me understand this correctly…you are going to fly Delta out of BWI (I also live right next to the airport) instead of Southwest because they will no longer serve peanuts? Oh my…haha.


No. I am completely joking. I will fly anyone (except Allegiant) regardless of food.


Well no offense, but I don’t think this is something you should be too mad about. Surely SW will come up with something. Heck, they maybe might start selling cookies like Midwest airlines did.


Woah, be careful there. We have a large amount of people under the age of 13 in this community, and they will not understand references like that :D JK


If you have some - Save them and sell them on Ebay