Is approach service useless in TS1?

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Firstly, approach is not necessary for most airports.
Secondly, no one listens to the heading given, people decide to turn whenever they like.
Last but not least, a number of people send inappropriate commands such as “With you”(first command between us) or “request an approach that is way beyond the service area” which distracts ATC attention every now and then.


Approach is needed, if it is very busy at a airport.


Not ‘completely’ useless. Actually ‘ATC’ in general is pretty useless except for training. No one listens and it’s TS1 so… yeah…


Considering the fact that some people there do not even understand the basic functions of tower, I’d say APP is useless.

Then again, it’s good practice if you know what you’re doing and have real pilots. Most of the problem here is the pilots, not the controller.


But if the controller can’t get practice their approach skill, they will hardly ever improve.


I don’t think Approach is useless. During my last days before my Live expires, I did try to control APPR and Center on some regions to test my vectoring skills 😊

And some of the pilots did follow my instructions actually 😊


You’re right, you can’t practice APP on TS because pilots do not understand your instructions nor do they know how to properly communicate with a radar facility.

Your best bet would be to practice working local since that’s all we really care about initially if you want to become IFATC. Once you get in we will provide you with all the training you need for APP with real pilots.

That’s just my piece of advice to you, but seriously, try to get out of the Traning Server as soon as you can so you could get a better experience if you’re looking to work APP.


I almost forgot to add, Lately there are some users who made an ATC Session with Approach and Departure too. And usually when IFTSATC controls, there must be an Approach or Departure frequencies to assist the aircraft. Although most of them dont listen to the instructions but this shows that APPR and DEP are used in TS for training purpose ☺


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, TS1 is airborne Mario Kart


it really depends which region on TS1 you are talking about! If I see APR open on a region other than SoCal then I will give them the benefit of doubt and give them a go, sometimes I have been pleasantly surprised! However true enough you do get some on APR who don’t know what they are doing…

I have said before that even on TS1 there should be a graded approach to access to ATC.

Perhaps at first limited to C and D towers and Ground and B. Once a set number of operations has been recorded then they can gain access to Bravo Towers and again after further experience have access to APR and centre. That way it will give those on TS a chance to see other controllers and gain experience before moving up to control larger areas. Similar to how IFATC works…but not based on exams, only number of ops achieved.


I want to say no but how can we learn if we can’t practice?

A really hard question…


I don’t think you understand my point.


if your point is “is approach service useless in TS1” then yes I get your point of view that it can be frustrating due to not all pilots listening and often the ATC not being experienced enough to effectively control.

However it is not a simple yes / no, black / white answer which is why I suggested a metered approach to allowing people access to APR frequencies, hopefully this will also give more confidence in pilots to follow their instructions as well.


If I am controlling the tower, 6/10 people will follow the instruction. However, if I am controlling the approach, 1/10 will follow the instruction. Perhaps it is wrong to not allow pilots go straight in or 90 degrees to intersect the localiser. Obviously I am rough with approach. But if there is no one ever follows the instruction, then there is no point for anyone to open approach frequency.


true, but as I said I always try and give APR the benefit of the doubt on TS1. But I do avoid completely SoCal and generally fly on the paid for regions on TS as I find that those who have paid additionally (either for that region + live or Live plus) take the whole experience more professional, either from the pilot aspect or from the controlling aspect.


Yes and no, i get what you mean, there are to many nimrods in TS1 and they dont know how to turn on there own after an intercept or just dont want to follow instructions, you just ignore them and let them be, but no, for IFTSATC i am a radar controller an 9/10 times an aircraft will listen to me, i give then there 10-& 30 degree intercept along with there clearance and boom handed of to tower, and there always needs to be a traffic pattern, so if an aircraft wants an approach vector them to follow the aircraft that called last for the approach, and remember if you have a TWR/GRND always coordinate which runways will be in use etc, but as always if you want a realistic experience controlling, Contact a recruiter. Because in the expert server everyone will follow your instructions and if they dont you have a special button called “Ghost User” for a reason.


If you know what you’re doing as an approach/departure controller, you’re fine, and so is the “approach” controller option.


No, Approach in TS1 is very important!
Why? -Because many people like sequencing aircraft until established on the localizer, also Approach is more followed than Tower or Ground, giving exact heading instructions people do not go in every direction and for the 75% they follow instructions ;)


it would be so much easier not to have it on TS1 and instead pilots just use common sense?

So many times i’ve been vectored onto an approach and just forgotten about just for the approach controller to then just leave after 10 mins travelling in the same direction at 8,000 ft.

Also so many people on TS1 who just don’t understand it as well - you get vectored in on an approach but someone flying a 747 at 250kts on final approach will still find a way to ruin it for you.

That said, i love the controllers on the expert server who manage the approach and great respect is shared between pilots and controllers.


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