Introducing Infinite Passengers


I'm getting an issue where my flights are not completing, resulting in losing the stats for that flight. And when I end flight it says "Passengers were sick after reaching 0.0G".


Update- It doesn't come on if the boarding music is not played. Can you add it where it works if you don't have he music on?


About the Emirates soundpack is it possible to add the ICE advert after the safety video?


Could be copyrighted.


Hey i have the original Infinite passenger app on Android and someone told me that you guys discontinued it and created a new one and that i have to buy it all over again


The app does not need to be bought again, you should have recieved an email regarding this topic. The email sent out to all members had a code that you can use to get the app for free if you had bought the first version


I don't understand that why every time I try to play with Infinite Passengers and all of a suddenly it'll say how many souls that are onboard but it never find my Infinite Flight app. What seems to be the problem. FYI: I have a Galaxy S7 Edge android. Can someone PLEASE help me out??!?


Are you connected to a wifi network


Yes. But the Infinite Passengers would not work after I have chosen my aircraft and then set an estimated flight time. It would just say how many souls that is onboard and then the loading part after that is horrible


MaxSez: Been hanging around IF awhile. Great to see all the new add on Apps. Bout time someone developed a "IF Ramp" App. Adding little Rampers giving hand signals + wing walkers at push backs, GSA Bag Carts, Fuelers & Honey Buckets darting about. Realism is a good thing! (450 comments and counting, Oh My......)


Do you have infinite flight connect on, and the latest version of the app


Do I have to have the Live Subscription to use Infinite Passengers? Or, can I use Infinite Passengers to play free play on Infinite Flight? And YES, I DO have infinite flight connect on.


You can use Infinite Passengers on solo mode, yes!



Is 3.7.2 the current version of Infinite Passengers?


Yes, thats correct.



What are the in app purchases?


The in-app purchases are boarding music and safety announcements.



Any Subscriptions? Like a $2 a month thing?


Nope, there is no subscription.


You pay £1 for each airline boarding music and safety announcement, little expensive if you want all the airlines which is why I suggested a pack but you get a default one for free but it's not the best