Introducing Infinite Passengers


Because I noticed your question went unanswered…

Although there are currently two people responsible for the “public relations” of this app, those people being @Wren_Jago and @Thomas_Ralph, the entire beta testing team simply answers everyone’s questions as we see them. It helps that we are in different time zones and can more or less provide 24hr coverage. But like I said, whoever on the beta team sees the questions first, that’s typically who answers.


Are you planning on adding more airlines to the safety announcements?


As stated numerous other times, yes. more sounds are in the works however we cannot guarantee when they will be released.


I really love this app! Good addition! Thanks @Luqman_Hussain


Got the app a few days ago and started the airline. I think this is a great app and will just get better. The only issue I am seeing is getting dinged for the 2g scaring passengers. Unless I am missing something the plane jumps slightly when you set altitude on the autopilot even if you are only ascending at 250 feet per minute and I get the 2g hit every time. Love the app so far just that issue is dragging my rating down


Which aircraft is this? Usually smoothest approach us to select and lock altitude which freezes your VS and is pretty smooth. If this does not work I recommend freezing your VS then engage your altitude after


I’ve noticed some connection issues between Infinite passengers and Infinite Flight. For example when I get a call or have to leave infinite flight app for a moment I notice that at the end of the flight passengers app didn’t capture that I have finished the flight. Hopefully this can be fixed in the next update. thanks _


Yes we’re looking to add resilience to the connection between the two apps


Hesitant to spend the 4 bucks on this, recent reviews are bad.

Wish there was an unlocked free trial if you shared to social media or something.


I can personally say form my expierence that it is worth the initial purchase. You only get a generic announcement but you can spend another dollar for more personal. I’m waiting for frontier to get in the announcements.


Hello. If I land there’s coming the cabin sound but than Infinite Passengers crashes and I don’t get my passengers feedback and income. I have a S7edge with Android 7.0.
Please help me.


can you check you have latest version of app? also can you try short flight to see if ots any better?


Same issue as @nosebi I have Samsung S6


Do you have the latest version?


And also I’ve version 3.7.1 check the screenshot for error

This is happening after I updated the app


Do you still have Ininite Flight Connect on in the settings?



Any update sir @Luqman_Hussain still I’ve same problem please help


Does anyone have issues with the announcements being really quiet that you can barely hear them.


Not me, but I don’t get the announcement when you land anymore


@Luqman_Hussain will you ever be able to add the Virgin Australia safety video and music since you only have one Australian airline in comparison to a lot of American based airlines.