Introducing Infinite Passengers


must be something else. bank angle, speed. have you tried without?


I’ve tried everything. I dont exceed 30 degree bank angle. Speed not above 240. Every flight ive had the report come to 85% with the passngers were comforted with music during taxi. Lol !!


hmm. hav you been landing ontime?


I haven’t been using the time at all as it’s optional. Do you guys get that taxi music thing in your report?


It was stated before that the amount of time is the reason for people not getting 100. It automatically brings you down.


Ah ok. I will try this next time. The only reason im not doing that is due to approach frequency delaying me. What is the approx time limt. +/-5 mins?


@Luqman_Hussain how do we take into account ATC for proper time estimates?


Ya I think the estimate time to arrival should be disabled until global comes out. I don’t know how to convert my 200nm + flights into a time frame.


Thanks @Alan_Perez . As for flight time you need to estimate. Perhaps do a flight without estimate first and use that as bench mark.

It does suit global more though.


Fixed in latest version please update


You’re right we need to better on beta testing.


Great app. Look I was wondering if you will be implementing some updates such as .

  • cabin crew disarm door and cross check / arm door and cross check
  • cabin crew please be seated for take off
  • cabin crew please prepare the cabin for landing
  • mid flight announcement

The taxi and arrival is good but it feels like more is missing.

Hopefully I’m not the only one with these suggestions but if so I apologise.
Purchased this app but at the same time it’s slow and buggy unless that’s just me.

Thanks & responses appreciated


i know this would be tough but it would be cool if you could select destination and arrival airports and the expected arrival time i know this would be tough but it would be cool for it to be automatic based of distance and cruising speed of plane.


What Dovid_Bakkar says would be so true but you make the landing announcement longer please


I really like the new update, it fixed a lot of problems and added new safety announcements.
But I don’t understand what this new feature is:


There isn’t a new feature it’s mainly the new sounds. This update contains bug fixes, performance fixes and leaderboard performance.



if you want to get a perfect score of 100 you have to enter an ETA for your flight before you begin. Its a good idea to know where your going so you can plan for the flight time. you will loose points for arriving too early and too late


Yes it would be a cool feature for the app, it’s just it may be hard for Luqman to add. However, it would make the app better too.



Thanks for your suggestions.



I just wanted to say thank you fpr adding Avianca Sound Thanks a lot i really wanted it also i saw we are getting aeromexico as luqman confirmed in another post THANKS!!!