Introducing Infinite Passengers


I think this app could do with its own forum.
Or have a way to message other pilots to recruit, to show what planes your airline has to fly etc.

I’m starting to enjoy this app, the combination of money and flying is addictive…


I had the same. Once you exit the runway slow down to <10kts. In reality planes taxi at 10kts


Sorry for the delay guys fix for sound will be available on android tonight and ios in a day or so


is there any chance to have the announcements, cabin music, etc and not that flight report? Idea of sounds and music is awesome, I just don’t like the flight report.


Yes, I would love cabin music and announcements, like please buckle your seatbelt.


And what about the other problems?


sound is not fixed on android.
performance improvements have also been made on the messages screen.


Does someone know how to change the airline mode name I want to Change it


Unfortunately there is currently only one way to do this and that is to delete your account and register again.

  1. login to the app
  2. select your airline
  3. at the top left of the screen select your username
  4. choose manage account
  5. on the website that opens, sign in again and choose manage account
  6. then close account
  7. the back in the app you can register from fresh with same username if you wish

These are the instructions provided by @Luqman_Hussain.


@Luqman_Hussain A couple of bugs to work out: (IPhone 6s+ latestes OS/IF

Landing announcements are stuck repeating the first two words (like a skipping CD) when I land, then after I come to a complete stop, continues the remainder of the announcement.

Issue with measuring "G’s):
I continually get a warning saying I’ve hit 2Gs and scared my passengers, when I never hit 2Gs.


The landing announcement repeating first two words needs to be fixed asap.thanks.


Seriously, you need sort of quality control here. I know this app is still developing, i showed my support, but after rushed update on the market, you just broke what works perfectly on the previous version.

I, as a customer, just need an app that work as mentioned on description. You keep that way, the customers will recommend it to others, that is the most powerfull marketing.
Someday this app will be must-have add-on for IF. I see it clearly


Apps are not always perfect. You need to realise that luqman does his best to fix all problems.


Ridiculous how people are complaining about an app that is so new an so frequently updated. The guy obviously puts a lot of time into this app and he cares about the quality of it. Chill out people he’ll get the bugs worked out.


Yep. I agree with you. No human-made is perfect.
But since this app is payware, i hope Luqman can deliver something acceptable.
When you cant log your flights nor enjoy the cabin announcemnt, those are not acceptable.

The point is, quality control (as i mentioned above).
Take FDS as an example, their quality control are superb. They didnt delivers what is unacceptable to their customer.


Just give Luqman time and I’m sure everything will be sorted!


What are the rules for taxi. Because I keep receiving “passengers were relaxed by music during taxi”


That means that the passengers loved the music which where playing during taxi. That’s a good thing


@Luqman_Hussain I just want to commend you for your work. You get many suggestions for improvement and you accommodate as much as you can in a timely fashion. The app looks great and has come a long way from where you started.

If those of you that purchased the app havent already, make sure you give em a good review in your app store.


I dont know. Because i keep getting 85% rating for every flight with that. So there must be something