Introducing Infinite Passengers


But will Swiss, when you know it?


Will we have Avianca Safety recordings


As quoted above @milo1404


Today they added Korean Airlines sounds. Eventually Swiss will be added but you have to wait till then. :)


Still issues. Can @Luqman_Hussain or someone let us know when this is fixed. Confirmed issue with multiple devices now. Unable to enjoy flying for my airline as these stats in the Flight Report are not accurate and will bring down my Airlines ratings. Please fix this issue asap and let us know thanks.


Same thing happens to me!


Hey bro
White screen means full white nothing is appearing in that blank white screen I've used this app before updating, it was running properly


This is a great app, if nothing else it's improving the smoothness of my flying. And making it feel more real.

Your algorithm for flight rating seems to be better at judging quality than IF's own XP calculations.
It still needs a little fine tuning but at least it won't let you get away with silly bank angles and ridiculous descent rates.
Please give them some advice :)
Thanks for your hard work!


Again, as before, I love the app. There seem to be a couple bugs i have noticed:
1. On landing, "exceeded 2Gs". I have tried this several times and made sure the G meter and my landing did not exceed 2.
2. There still seems to be a discrepancy in the "use of reverse thrusters" under 60 Kts.

Anybody else having these issues.?


With the second one, yes but not with the other one..


I have this problem where for the airplane mode, when I fly a plane, do the flight and everything, it says flight started and at the end the save or ignore flight comes up, but the thing is, if I press save flight, it brings me to the Infinite Flight Passengers app, and then it says "39 passengers on board" like it's a new "flight, so after that, I press "flight report" and it says flight canceled, passengers were relaxed when taxiing," or whatever it says.
Does someone else have this problem and can someone explain how to fix it?
By the way, I even reinstalled the app and it still happens.


I was using Infinite passengers but when I landed, it said I had no flaps or spoilers but I had everything set, then when I went to look at my stats after the flight the app crashed.


Bit disappointing with the raft of problems that have just appeared over last few days an lack of coomucation from infinite passenger. I have raised a ticket and hope I get an answer to some of these issues we have with it. I am missing flying for my airline which was in 2nd spot on hard. Has anyone been given a status update as to when these problems will be fixed?


Not really, but he has been very responsive and quick to address issues and release updates this past few weeks. I'm sure he'll push an update soon.


Not the 2G thing.
But for spoilers and flaps I find I have to leave both extended until it says flight report complete. Otherwise it considers neither were in operation during landing...
For reverse thrusters watch ground speed not airspeed at 60knots. See if that helps. Personally I stop them at 80 -90 knots.
The app has a few quirks but it's fresh so it will. @Luqman_Hussain has been a busy chap. I'm impressed.
Sorry the flaps and spoilers stuff was meant for @Snow_Cone....oops.


Reverse thrusters notification is for 60kts ground speed.


Yep.. Thanks. I figured out the spoiler problem. Just shut them down about 75 or 80 and it's ok. Great app though.


Did some extreme maneuvers on the flight. Luckily it was free mode. I wanted to ask why it is wrong to retract spoilers and flaps once you reach <25KTS on the runway.


Yeah I have had penalties for flaps and spoilers when I retract before the plane completely stops. A bug I guess.


Love the app except for the fact the landing announcement gets stuck like a CD with a scratch in it. Very annoying, i usually close the app after safety announcement/6k feet announcement. Need to get that fixed.