Introducing Infinite Passengers


No only one. Although you can join others.
If you need to change something fundamental like starting funds then you go into your airline, tap your username (top left) and go into manage account. Delete your account and start afresh


The KLM music almost put me to sleep while taxing.


Is anyone else getting false information in infinite passenger? I’m not upset or anything. I love this app and it makes the sim experience even better. I’m just wondering. It keeps saying things like “flaps not extended during landing” when I use flaps full. Just curious.


Yes. I just got a “flying to fast” message and I know i wasn’t. I love the app and we are really enjoying using it. But i keep getting violations that don’t make sense. I just got a “flying too fast” message. I’m at FL160 at 337kts airspeed, 438 ground speed. I don’t understand why it would give me a flying too fast message. I think we may have a bug.


Yep. Got that one too. I’m thinking the app has different regulations. I keep it under 230 on takeoff now which seems to do the trick. Don’t know about the cruise speed though. Got a penalty for that one too.


I experienced something similar when I retracted the spoilers after landing


I was thinking the same thing. It doesn’t do it if I leave them down till I park.


ive identified the bug in the flaps and spoilers. it will be fixed in next release. in that you will need to keep them extended until 60kts. At the moment you have to keep them extended until you complete the flight.


airspeed will be relaxed too.


Just download the latest update and discovered the after landing announcement there is some defects ,it get stuck until u have totally exited the runaway and it comes on again,overall it’s fantastic app and made the flying soo realistic.additional feature like after take off and decending announcement frm the captain will be absolutely awesome.keep up the excellent job.


@Luqman_Hussain - I seem to be getting error’s with the app and now it reports lost connection. Would have been a good flight too. The other issue I noticed is the after landing audio repeats rapidly - I reset and redownload the App on IOS, with IPhone 6SPlus 128GB - fully updated. I will try another flight and send screenshots if you like…


I do have the same issue. I believe is a bug.


@Luqman_Hussain If you can please add PAL and Cebu Pacific Background and Safety recordings I am set. Love the app bro. I think I almost downloaded most of the airlines. 👍🏼🇵🇭 Waiting for the update so I can spend my money lol!! 😂😊 Awesome work


I experience an annoying issue with the app now. The pop up screen flight report appears when the aircraft completly stops and that’s great 👌 but the announcement after landing repeats again and again without stopping and when I exited the runway I retracted the flaps and the spoilers but I get penalised for that…

If you can get it fixed as soon as possible it would be great. @Luqman_Hussain


I have the same problem, the message was looping until I came to a complete stop.


Same here, but I’m loving it. It’s still new so it’s just teething problems


I’ve just updated the app & started the app selected the airline sound but when I click on start the white Sceen appers and it took to long to load the next Sceen I exited the app I’ve restarted my device twice, I have 4GB Ram mobile With 64 GB inbuilt storage… Please give the solution



When the white screens pops up, you are meant to open up infinite flight. Just exit the app and start the simulator. When you start the simulator make sure you have enabled live connect in the settings. Once you have that on you will get a pop up saying “infinite flight detected” or something similar. Then just start your flight.

Beta tester


Will you add Swiss International sound?


More sounds should be added in future updates.