Introducing Infinite Passengers


Maybe the app can't recognize it, I would put 21 minutes instead of .21


It looks like the only way of getting that 100/100 is to enter flight time.


This is the incorrect way. You should be putting your flight time in minutes without the decimal as that's how the box reads the estimated flight time. A couple examples:

21 minutes - 21
1 hour - 60
2hrs 43mins - 163

Just a note about using decimals for time: it can be flawed. .21 doesn't actually equal 21 minutes. It really is just over 2 tenths of an hour, or 12 minutes 6 seconds. Please be careful when using decimals to represent time, and please don't use decimals in Infinite Passengers.


Thanks. The reason I am accustom to using the decimal is that's how we file our flight reports with my virtual airline.


Then your whole argument is flawed.


Actually it would be .3 or .4 depending on how you want to log it.


Given the standard mathematical rules for rounding, it would be .4 from the initial .35 but we digress


Please add air India and jet Airways sounds


More sounds will be considered in the future.


I dont know if anyone else is having this issue but when I joined someone else's airline and purchased a plane to fly for that airline, it charged my airline for the plane. @Luqman_Hussain


To get full 100 you need to enter schedule time and be fairly accurate


Can the flight begin/end times be revised to take effect while at the gate rather than while on the runway?

Also, is there anyway to get the flight report after parking and brakes are set?



detecting that is hard. however i may change it to wait for 0kts before flight report.


Thanks for looking into it.


Looks good, gonna download and see for myself xD

Does what it says! The whole time with the announcements and taxiing just felt so awesome. Thanks for the app!


I think that the 250kt under 10k should have the same 10kt buffer that is already in Infinite Flight. Set my speed to 250 and the autopilot took it only 1kt over which causes you to lose points. Just a suggestion so your app and IF work seamlessly together.


I noticed you removed "optional" near "flight time" to better clarify that we really do need to enter our flight time. Flight time is literally from when the app says it's connected or "flight started"?

And is there a buffer in the time before we are docked points? I only ask because if it's a busy airspace we are flying to and we get put into a hold or told to go around, that could be an additional 20mins right there causing us to loose points.

Do you suggest the best solution should be to inflate the projected flight time?


From Flight started.

Flight time buffer is 7mins either way.

These buffers will be increased when Infinite Flight global is released to 15mins (too late), 30mins to early


255 in next release.


Can you make another airline?