Introducing Infinite Passengers


All thanks are for @Luqman_Hussain he's the one who pushed the update . I think he will fixed . I only Inform the community about the update .


Are you on Android or iOS? Also what device do you use? I'm on a Galaxy Note 5 and I don't have any issues with British Airways sound pack.


iPhone 6
It's at the beginning when the singer hits the "high note"


Might be a bug on the Apple side of things then... I'm sure Luqman will get it fixed.


I do have that break too with Qatar airways announcement.


I get that issue too with all the sound packs I thought it was just my phone I'll tell luqman about this


Terrific update!!! Bought the AA as promised! Pleasantly surprised to hear both seatbelt announcements! Thanks for paying attention to the communities wants @Luqman_Hussain! I seriously couldn't be happier with this add-on.

On a second note, how many spokespersons do you have?!? Every time I comeback to this thread, another person is speaking on behalf of you or your app lol.


I don't seem to be able to score more than an 85/100. I get no error messages upon return to the the infinite passenger screen. Can anyone offer any insight on this?


I am in the same boat and I fly regularly


Just bought this app. Hope it's worth it!


It is 100%, it will change your IF experience


I used Qatar airways 787 from KSAN to KLAX


Are you entering your schedule journey time?


I am experiencing some errors myself. Saying that I hit 2gs, (for sure didn't hit 2gs), not registering my landings (seems to be fixed now), but I cannot get 100/100 for the past two days. Max is 85. I have stopped putting in the optional time. Does that make a difference?


Absolutely 100% worth it!


At first it didn't look great but then I got it and it meets my expectations. It's a very good app! I was surprised! Everything is good but I have suggestions... At the end there should be a flight attendant saying to get off the plane or something like that. Also, once yo buy the app you shouldn't have to buy other airlines just to use their audio. Finally you should be able to go inside the plane. However that will be very hard and probably not happening soon. Overall it is a very good app. I would rate it 7/10. Great job!


I've been thoroughly enjoying using this add on! It makes flying more realistic and more fun.


I'm certainly thankful for guys like you putting in the time to make everyone's Infinite Flight experience even that much better! You're certainly filling a lot of requests people have had over that last few years. Great job and I can't wait to see this app and any other endeavors you take on continue to improve!


When putting in the flight time. do you put in (.21) or just (21) for twenty one minutes?


To answer your question yes, I am. However I am inputting .21 for a twenty one minute flight.