Introducing Infinite Passengers


Well, yes its in IF setting, but I have no idea about android… Sorry, let @Luqman_Hussain help you.


@Luqman_Hussain - great App. I like it. I’m finding I always need to create a new airline and select difficulty level, which seems to never remember my original choice. It does remember my spending from previous selection, however I don’t see it working correctly with also a crash without warning. I am using an iPad Air WIFI 16GB, FYI.


Can you sign out of app then sign back in again


Can you raise a ticket on so we can investigate please


no you wont have to pay again.


also what version of ios are you running


How do I get the announcements to work?


Click on announcements before pressing fly…


Thanks Captain Planet!


I have raised my ticket, and great update btw because its including garuda safety announcement hehe… unfortunately, i still cant use it in my IF game… please work it out ASAP


Does anyone with android have problem when clicking the save flight button after landing?
The app always crashed after the report show up. Both free mode or airline mode


Hello please make sure you have the latest version installed. Try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. If that doesn’t work please raise a support ticket here:


Is this happening to you right now?


Yes, every time. Some of my friends (other devices) also have the same problem. (Typical environment; android ifpax run on same device as IF)


Sadly that’s just an Android problem. Android uses OOM (Out-Of-Memory) prioritizing to free unused memory. Apps like Infinite Flight use a lot of ram so Android closes background apps to make the game run better.



The infinite passenger new update is now available for IOS device with 19 safety announcement available . (18 for purchase)
Thanks for taking a looking Apps Store, have a plaisant flight and Save landing .


On the new update when is the take seatbelt of sound?


The seatbelt announcement start when the airplane start pushing back .


When you hit 6,000 feet MSL, it just says The seatbelt sign will be taken off shortly


Great update, thanks for adding AAL. The one issue is in the British Airways boarding music there is a break