Introducing Infinite Passengers


They should be coming soon ;)


If I may make a suggestion to wait until plane is parked at the gate with brakes ON to "finish the flight". As soon as I slow down the runway it switches from IF to Infinite Passengers, even on live.


Im having an issue because my IF is no longer being recognized by IP. When it goes to the page that says waiting for connection, it no longer connects, I checked my settings and reinstalled the IP app. Not working.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Latest software. @Luqman_Hussain @Thomas_Ralph


Have you enable infinite flight connect in the infinite flight settings?


Yes, I made sure it was. Even wifi was on.


The safety announcements are super rad! I noticed that the trigger is about 5kts when starting to taxi. Would it be better placed and more authentic if it started when I begin pushback? Maybe it could be activated with the pushback button?

If the airport isn't busy, I'm on the rwy by the time the announcements are complete.


latest version is MSL


good idea. ill have a look at into this.


Very rarely i find Infinite Flight doesnt seem to send data to Infinite Passengers on startup. Try restarting device.


I have done it all, but it still cant work


You could always taxi slower or hold short of the runway until announcements are complete. I love waiting until they are done before announcing/requesting takeoff.


Yes, but it wont be feasible while flying on live. I suggest making the annoucements begin when seat belt, smoke signs are turned on while parked at the gate.


As Luqman said, he will look into it.


I just checked the app and I think it is a hit for IF well done great job


so you've enabled flight connect in IF
turned on wifi
checked you have working wifi connection (open google etc in browser)
Then turn on Infinite passengers start flight.

Also please check notifications settings in your phone for the app to make sure you have allowed notifications.


I have done it all and also restarted my phone for many times. If i delete and try to download it again, surely i'll have to pay it again, wont i ?


NO, it won't ask you to pay it again. Am IOS user


I just did it, and it still cant work. What can i say now, i hope IP team will do more helpful work in this case


Have you open the API system connect ?


Yes. its in the IF settings, right ? I told you i have done it all. Its android