Infinite Passengers - Major release


Hi Guys

Just want to let you know about our major release available today. Make sure you update the app from the app store / play store.

  • Added v speed callouts. These are estimates based on aircraft and load.
  • Added: Air New Zealand, Aeromexico, Ryanair, EasyJet
  • The app now store your volume and airline selection settings
  • Added separate volume slider for safety announcements
  • Sound: Arm doors for departure
  • Sound: Flight attendants prepare for landing
  • Bug fix on flight income tab under airline report tab

If you’ve not tried Infinite Passengers yet. You can get it for Android and iOS:





Great work @Luqman_Hussain!


No offence whatsoever but it is kinda turning in to IFAssistant. 🙃


You could say that about the passenger announcements from IF assistant 🙂
No offence intended of course


…That’s true 🙃👌…


Is there a feature request place?
I just thought, before buying the safety announcements you could preview it.

But wonderful update! Love the work and time that has gone into this app!


I agree - a preview would be nice.


Just got the app and it isn’t working when I go to infinite flight…


Check if you have activated Infinite flight connect on IF settings ;)


I have a big problem with the app.

when I try to sign in, I entered my username and password but each time I click “sign in” it does nothing
I had a problem, previously, with accepting an invitation to an airline where I couldn’t click anything.

I could record the screen for you with dev mode on for touches, surface updates, GPU updates etc if you need and send them to you.

Xiaomi Redmi 4A - Android 6.0.1 - Build MMb29M


Thanks. I didn’t know that :)


Please see my post in the other thread, I am experiencing connection issues.


I’m having issues too :/


What are your issues? @Thomas_Ralph


Does it have British Airways?


Yup that safety announcement is already in the app.


Ok cool. Thank you very much will try to buy it when global comes.


I have made a topic for tracking feature requests. The link is here


Nice work @Luqman_Hussain and your team.


No thanks I will wait for a free IF app to download