Infinite Flight Splash Screen Contest


They are not looking for a new logo, but an awesome screenshot for the splash screen. :)


The winner will get announced before global.


I know, I meant it in Infinite Flight.


Darth, calm down bud. No need to be so harsh on a little mix up, and doing this makes you look very immature.


There’s so many talented people here showcasing their awesome screenshots on the “Best IF Photos” it will make for a great competition. Good luck all!


Read the post… Its Bolded for a reason…


Whoops , apologies

Shall rectify my mistake


I saw one of the rule is *no visible hud what’s that?


That is your HUD @itsmejun
An easy Google Search could have done it


i prefer to ask here since when google shows different answer next time i will never ask here. Thank u my boss for ur wonderful answer appreciate it a lot.


I can’t seem to find when the submissions will no longer be accepted… is there any official word on when this will be?


I thought I saw the 19th was when the final cut off was. But not 100%. There were some dates listed on the forum but can’t clearly recall.


These are the Rules

Look at the bottom for the deadline @NetJets_Nick


It s the 16th of July as stated above 😊


Oh wow I missed that. 😂


If I knew what that was, or cared, I’d think about being offended.


6 hours and 58 mins until the submission deadline hits. Get your submission in.


I was going to comment 7 hours but then you snuck in 😒



Are you sure that’s what you meant to say 👀


Oh my… uh -thanks… I’ll fix that now…

EDIT: All good now ✌️