Infinite Flight Splash Screen Contest


I can't wait to see the winning picture of the contest when global comes out. Very thoughtful for this project


Thank you for the opportunity. This is really cool and I love the idea of how open FDS is with us


Only ONE entry per person!!


Oh shoot, it was for live. Darn it I submitted one From solo. Oh well


If only you read the rules clearly described in the form forbyhr contest. πŸ™„


I’m sorry, it was late at night and I was like tired, though I do know how to read.

I was thinking of submitting a photo I took from live, but I decided to submit one from Solo since it looked more appealing.


I don't think so, sorry.


But I want to delete the photo that I sent and resend the edited version of the same photo I deleted...


I think that's exactly what the other user was asking...


I wished I've known what 16:9 meant yesterday. Oh well....


There will probably be more Contests in the future anyway :)


Don't worry. Did exactly the same thing. Annoying but I think we have to put up with it.


Brightness Only, Read Rules


This is what it says if you were to look at the rules stated.

Image must not be edited and remain "natural" (Minimal lighting adjustments to increase brightness is allowed)


Awesome, got it. Thanks for the sum up !


Just sent mine in. Good luck to everyone else!


^^This is what my iPad does when I change the settings to very high, hahahaha

Good luck to everyone! I can't wait to see the winning screenshot!


Hey, I got to reupload mine because it was the wrong size.


@Aussie_Cockatoo Unfortunately, you cannot do that… Said directly from Mark Denton ^


i still think the logo your created is the best out there. very modern, very clean and cutting edge...use that..that's my 2cents.