Infinite Flight Splash Screen Contest


They day Mark becomes a dev, i quit. You don’t want that. Lol

And just an FYI, Dush is a part of the Alpha team. Get your facts right ;)


You were the one saying he didn’t have global ;)


No, you were. Without knowing what you were actually talking about.

I just emphasized your error by being ironic. The question Dush asked was clearly directed to Mark, but you thought it was a good idea responding with a not so correct answer.

No need to take this further. Let’s all have a insanely amazing day. 🙄


I have a photo that is from live, but doesn’t have multiple aircraft, can I still enter it?


Actually, you are the one that said he didn’t have Global, not @schyllberg .
Make sure you know the facts before post comments that are 1) False, 2) Incorrect, 3) Wrong, and 4) Wrongful incorrectly falsified information.

@dush19 Is in fact 1) An Alpha tester, 2) In possession of Global for testing purposes, and 3) Capable of producing his own screenshots of Global that would be his. K. Thx. Bye.

@dush19 No you cannot.


I’m not even going to answer that question. The rules are clear!


C’mon people! Read. The. Form!!! The rules are clear!



• Screenshot ratio must be 16:9
• All settings must be on high/very high
• Anti-Aliasing must be turned on
• All runway labels, aircraft tags (and squares) must be turned off (screenshot needs to be clean)
• No visible HUD
• Must show multiple aircraft to feature Live (Multiplayer)
• Image must not be edited and remain “natural” (Minimal lighting adjustments to increase brightness is allowed)
• Limited to one entry per person
• All requested contact information is required. If information is missing, your screenshot will be disqualified.


Maybe there should be a school on the forum so people can learn how to read


I’ve made a bit of a mistake. I uploaded a picture that wasn’t 16:9. Shall I resubmit the same picture in 16:9 or am I not allowed now? I was on my phone at the time so it wasn’t as easy to do as if I was on my iPad.


I’ll be sure to hunt around for some of mine when I get home! ☺️

Just a quick question, does it have to be a screenshot of live?


If you read the sheet it clearly states that it must, even @Aussie_Wombat posted the rules. Just scroll up and you’ll see.


Correction, Stand by…

That was me 😉


Quoted from above 😉. You can use both modes. However, Your photo must feature multiple aircraft if you use Live mode 😊


This is your answer.


What does Instagram and Twitter handle mean?


If you have a Twitter or Instagram account, provide a link, it is optional I think.


Thank you for the assistance


is their any way we can delete a photo and put in another one? my phone was glitching and chose the wrong picture that was already edited but not as per rules


Pretty sure there is no way to ‘delete’ the photo - but resubmitting I guess is what your wanting… maybe a mod can help