Infinite Flight Splash Screen Contest


Is it only for the multiplayer screen? @Mark_Denton


thanks for telling me! i certainly will do it now


From the rules stated in the link:

Must show multiple aircraft to feature Live (Multiplayer)


oh :( dont have live anymore so whatever


All you have to do is read before asking questions that are answered in the post or the form, if you would actually read!


Sorry! I read the whole thing once and saw that but then read it again a I had suddenly forgot, I'm very sorry for making anyone confused or angry...


If 2 friends and I go on Live and take a picture and win, do we all get credit or just the person who took the photo?


Only the person that submitted the screenshot will receive the credit.


Im pretty sure its just the photographer...


Okay thanks for the help! :)


'Show multiple' is that 2 or more?


Wait doesn't the rules say "Must show multiple aircraft to feature Live"


I think he was meaning ‘Casual’, TS1, Expert? Nvm, I just read the post he replied to


I was talking about how the rules say "Must show multiple aircraft to feature Live". But @Nate_Schneller said you can take pics in solo mode.


Your allowed to? Or not?


Haha im just as stumped as you? Can someone please answer this? ;)


That rule says if you want to put Live in your shot, you must feature multiple aircraft


Ahhh! Thanks - that clears it up 1000%


Can we send global screenshots @Mark_Denton? 😏


That’s right, Dush. You don’t have Global. 🙄