Infinite Flight Splash Screen Contest


This answers your comment:


Hopefully new screen splash will only be there for a short while and the global one can replace it!!!


I thought they were going to make like a slideshow splash screen. But that seems more logical.


Question: What if the shot is done in cooperation with others? Does the subscription get shared?


The person that submits the screenshot will be the one that receives the month of Live.


I haven’t got a pic but I have an idea, how about an epic global pic used as the splash screen, i was looking through the comments and Mark_Denton said the pic would be released as the splash screen when global comes out, so I think it would be cool to have a global pic as the new splash screen



What Mark said…


I slightly edited the colour, for some reason there wasn’t much colour in the image.


How exciting @Mark_Denton but I think I will give this one to @Nate_Schneller 👌🏼👍🏼 NOT!!! 😂😜😉 Good luck to all participants! ( I dont think I can show mine yet 😉😊


What is the splash screen? Is it the photo above with the infinite flight logo, or once you fly online is it the united plane landing? Thank you.


No, it’s not.
It’s the loading screen being asked for in this case.


Are the abbreviations fine?

DN CS? Display name/call sign


Thank you. Sorry I didn’t know that.


It’s the one with the United 787 landing. Not the first screen you see when loading the app.


Oh okay then. Thank you.


I should just post it here then? 😜 I’m joking if you couldnt tell


@Mark_Denton This is discrimination against Alpha testers. I have given you multiple photos of the highest quality; I should win by default. I believe we have a shared folder with all the splash screens you need. Sir, I object…I strongly object.


I suppose you’re part of the judgment team.


can you take the screen shot in solo?


Affirmative. Any mode