Infinite Flight Splash Screen Contest


That's what I thought the next screen was going to be.


When we release Global, of course we will change the splash screen then. But for now, we wanted to change it for the time being.


That makes sense, so when global comes out will you have another contest?


Not necessarily. We wanted to do a contest this time, but that does not mean that there will be a contest each time we change the splash screen.


Ok, that makes sense.


I wish I could do this, But I have a low resolution device. I think both @Gavin_Hertel and @Nate_Schneller have great talent and a good chance of winning!


Fire away, @Wyn2x and @Nate_Schneller!


Under the rules it says this "• Must show multiple aircraft to feature Live (Multiplayer)" can we enter for the other loading screen?


Just made my submission, and am excited for the results. Good luck to all of the other participants!


That was quick! Lol...


Yup. I've had a nice live photo for a few months, just made it more bright and submitted.


Applied, Good Luck gor everyone!


I've submitted mine, I think it looks pretty cool :) good luck to everyone else!


Sorry if this was already covered but are there multiple winners?


There is only one screen, so i guess not.


Well, may the best shot win, @Wyn2x


I have my popcorn ready while I watch you and @Wyn2x battle it out.


I think we know who is going to win 🤐 We will wait and see ;)


Yes I think it should be a global picture!


I think you should leave the thinking and the logic to us. 🙄😁