Infinite Flight Global Airport Tracking Thread


some Airports that came with the last scenery update:

UCFM Bishkek - Kyrgystan

EGQK RAF Kinloss - UK

what is needed to compensat blury and creepy sat image:

some Airports to be expected in the next scenery update:

FALM Makhado AB - Southe Africa

Movement Area 1:

Movement Area 2:

Fighter Area:

Service Area:

Heli Area:

LRCL Cluja - Romania

And one that might not be in the next scenery update, but is just added to the repository:

OPIS new Islamabad Int. - PAKISTAN


Cargo Apron:

State Apron:


New Scenery Update

@Major-Tom good job. Here is OPIS


Muscat, Oman (OOMS)

General overview:

Main Terminal:

Cargo Apron:

South Apron:

As of today, the airport is in-game!


UPDATE to ZSPD Shanghai.
It includes the new 15/33 runway and part of the new terminal along with more taxiways. Hope you like it! :)


One for the next scenery push, one for the fighter community, one for the cable-cutters…

LIPA Aviano AB, Italy



Sierra Loop:

Mike Loop, Maintenance, Apron:

Tower Loop:

Zulu Loop, HCP:

have fun soaring the Alps with F16s!



LPCR Corvo Azores Portugal

windy, special for @beachboy0910


Looks great thanks a lot !


another one for the fighter community and small aircraft PAX:

ENOL Ørland Airport, Norway
RNAF F16s, and F35, C130s as visitors and
forward NATO AWACS Base
also known for regular Tiger Meets.


Civil Apron:

Main Apron:

C130s and others at the North and AWACS at the south with a dedicated Hanger

North Fighter’s:

and South Fighter’s:

The Area specialy for the F35 between North and Main is under construction and will be added as soon as sufficiant imagery is available.


Could someone try to make the newly opened Kertajati Airport (KJT/WICA)?
Link on Maps:,108.1010282,11z


Hi @HEYEY, the Airport Editing Team is not taking request.
If you wan’t a specific Airport be done feel free to join us.
getting started with Airport Editing

Regards, Tom


Coming to your simulator soon:

KLAX - Los Angeles International Airport

Since the version which is currently in IF didn’t meet our current editing standards in all areas, I took some time and redid the airport completely as my 145th airport.


Terminals 1-3:

Terminal 4-8:


Cargo and GA Areas:

To see all parts of the airport edited, check it out in IF soon!


3AU - Augusta Municipal

Ramps & hangars