Infinite Flight Global Airport Tracking Thread


EKAH Aarhus Airport, Denmark


and Civ apron:

the mil part is actually not in service.

With this one all 33 public airports in Denmark were edited.

Beside the 37 Heliports/Helidecks and 2 Waterairports, which are nor represented in IF, there are also 49 private airfields left.
If one of those is your home-base, feel free to contact me via PM with details about it if you want me to edit it.

regards Tom


At this point I want to thank @Kilt_McHaggis for his impressive work as Airport librarian.
For Denmark you can see it here: Denmark Map.


Someone asked for this (I think)

Reno Int’l


Terminal, Cargo

FBOs, Tower

There. Now no one can say that I don’t post airports here.



Anyone who has flown out of Antigua lately may have noticed a lovely big hole in the taxiways. While investigating this, I found that the airport was badly edited, so I redid it from scratch.


Parking area

Disused runway, now used for GA + corporate parking.




I dont think anyone has noticed but Orlando Execuitive is named in IF as Orando! This is a bug please if someone could fix that


If Ewan fixed an airport that was badly edited, what does that make the resulting quality?


I can answer that myself: 100% perfect


It’s still badly edited


Yikes! What did I just walk into here? Was hoping to see nothing but great news.


RODN Kadena Air Base Okinawa, Japan
Details: Projekct Japan


KGSO Piedmont triad airport,
great for flying out in small regional jets like CRJs.
Not finished yet, though some progress has been made.
Will take at least another month


OIHS Shahrokhi Airbase, Hamadan, Iran
A pur military 10k Runway Airfield.


North shelters:

South East Apron:


Has anyone considered working on the new Dakar airport Blaise Diagne in Senegal?


Awesome layout! Ill be sure to visit the airbase


I was told it is finished and they are just waiting on the next update to put it out there


Really? Again I will state this. Just check with Everything currently in the sim is listed there. Kilt also maintains a handy dandy set of maps that contains all the completed airports for every country or US state, as well as a bunch of other charts for aircraft, liveries etc. Please look these things up on your own. Instead of editing airports we have to repeat ourselves to answer the same few questions almost daily. There is a reason we tell people not to post in #thirdparty:developer unless they are contributors. Seriously y’all.


Airport Editing Coordinator


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Project Kennedy:

Update #1

Decided to tackle KJFK and redo it completely from scratch. Began cutting holes into this one large taxiway. I’ve also added a few taxiway edge lines.

Stay tuned for more updates! :)


LEZL Seville Spain Airbus A400M assembly


Civil Apron: