Infinite Flight Global Airport Tracking Thread


Sarakhs Airport. CKT/OIMC.


Mejametalana Airbase, Lesotho.

2nd Airport in this tiny country surrounded by RSA (Rep. of South Africa).


Motueka Aerodrome. MZP/NZMK.


EKKA Midtjyllands Airport / Air Base Karup DENMARK

6th busy airport in Denmark, and one of the largest Danish Air Base.
Unfortunately a Helicopter-base ;-)




RDAF Flying School:


KRSW - Southwest Florida International Airport, Fort Myers, Florida, United States of America:

Priority II Airport / Entirely updated airport layout

GA and Cargo Apron:

Terminal Area:

Inactive, uninteresting Apron:

For a comparison, here is the airport before I touched it:

You will notice that the entire inactive apron in the northeast was missing, as well as the GA section and the airport was just horrible and ugly. It needed a refurb and this version will do for a while.
Updated airport layout is enforced with the next update of the airport repository in the game, whenever that is.

@Maxmustang I remember that you are from the area, so I guess you might like it.

Cheers everyone.


LBSF Sofia Airport, BULGARIA


north (mil):

southwest (GA, VIP, Cargo):

southeast (Terminal 2):

quick reminder: airports that are finished by the airport editing team will show up in IF only after a scenery update of FDS.

regards, Tom


two small ones in DENMARK

EKSB Sonderborg


EKVJ Stauning





Airport in Infinite Flight’s regions. It had been done before, but @Sam_K reported a number of inaccuracies, so I redid it from scratch.




some progress on DENMARK

EKSN Syndal

EKOD Hans-Christioan-Andersen-Airport Odense

EKVD Kolding / Vamdrup

EKLS Laeso

EKMB Lolland Flaster /Maribo

16 of 32 public Airports/Airfield done, one in editing…

regards, Tom


Just keep track:
EKHS Hadsund

EKSV Skive

EKTS Thisted

EKHG Herning will be next danish Airport, 19 done, 2 assigned, 15 open of danish public airports/airfields

regards Tom


EGQK Kinloss Afb, now Kinloss Barracks, UK

This one was a real mess to edit cause of blury, wavey, contradictorily, outdated imagery.

yust to give an impression on whats requiered to get it precise, here are just the lines drawn for ajustment:


As I finally continue to work on my largest project yet, I have a small in-between airport to share. Expect more airports of about this size every once in a while.

GCGM - La Gomera Airport, Canary Islands, Spain:

This was the last pending airport of the canary islands, meaning that the entire archipelago has up-to-date, high quality airport layouts with the next scenery push.



GOBD - Blaise Diagne International Airport - DAKAR - SENEGAL

This is quite a major airport. It’s serving as a replacement for GOOY (the previous Dakar airport), and the airport opened last month. Whilst some cargo airlines and very few passenger airlines are remaining at GOOY, most of the flights have moved to Blaise Diagne. It will be present in the next scenery push.

Overview (click to expand)

Apron J, J2, and T

Apron N and G

Presidential apron (yes, I believe this is where the president keeps his plane). The taxiway to nowhere at the left of the picture is for helicopters. I haven’t forgotten it!

Apron V and Maintenance Apron




And, GOBD was rejected thrice.


For two out of probably a few thousand nodes being unsnapped. Just to clarify that.


It took 4 attempts to snap 2 nodes?


Not an airport done from an X-Plane file but still a complete redo with huge improvements in terms of detail:

EHAM - Amsterdam Schiphol International Airport (AMS)

Overview of the entire airport

GA Area and KLM, transavia, Martinair maintenance hangars

Remote stands, Piers B and C

Piers E and D, Remote apron D/E

Piers F, G and H, Remote aprons G and J


ENOV - Orsta/Volda - Hovden Airport, Norway:

X-Plane Blueprint file:


Danish bulk:



Please refrain from requesting airports in this thread. It is solely for airport editors to showcase the work they’ve done.

Some airports may be low-quality hence why the airport editing team exists; to turn them into high-quality ones to improve the simulator and user satisfaction. KNIP has not yet been edited nor suggested. I recommend either joining the team to edit it yourself or wait until someone decides to edit the airport.

If you have any interests in joining, please view our thread for instructions and other appropriate information.

Thank you.

Nathan Hope
Airport Editing Supervisor