Infinite Flight Global Airport Tracking Thread


To add on to what Simon said above:
This thread is not a tracking thread for editors. It is a tracking thread for you community members. We know what airports have been done. This thread is purely here for your benefit. I don’t particularly want to post here but I feel I should do so you can see what I’ve been up to. If you post random spam here it isn’t making us edit any better, just winds us up.

Basically, if you’re not an airport editor, don’t post on this topic.


GATB - Tombouctou Airport - TIMBUKTU - MALI

And yes, this is the Timbuktu that is famous for being far away from everywhere (hence why I did it)


Commercial Parking
GATB commercial

GA parking (I unfortunately had to edit this without imagery so it may not be that accurate)

GMMH - Dakhla International Airport - OUED EL DAHAB - Western Sahara

Overview (click to expand)

Commercial Apron

Main Military Apron

Remote Military Apron


Global Is GLOBAL! It’s everything


I didn’t think it would be very single airport though


Yes but not edited, and no we don’t take suggestions


Ok I was just wondering if the airport was gonna be in game or not. That’s all


Three more airfields made by me.

EDVS Flugplatz Salzgitter-Drütte (Germany; Lower Saxony)

EDVA Flugplatz Bad Gandersheim (Germany; Lower Saxony)

EDWR Flugplatz Borkum (Germany; Lower Saxony)


We’ve just officially reached the milestone of 2000 closed issues!


I’ve made six how many did you do?


138 + Fixes for me :)


@HEYEY This one is for you.
CYXY Whitehorse Intl

Main Terminal Apron

General Aviation Apron

I will take requests, Note I am the only airport editor doing this so dont bug other editors please. DO NOT POST IN THIS THREAD PLEASE PM ME FOR REQUESTS


You’re the best! How nice of you to take requests!


Lukla Airport😏😏 If it hasn’t been done yet.



Credits are due to @Julio_Cesar


@AllegiantAir @HEYEY @Alex_Hancock

Please never post here again unless you decide to become an airport editor. Thank you.


And don’t become an editor for the sake of posting. Just sayin’


Today marks my first anniversary of being an airport editor! I’m very happy of being part of this time and I can’t be more grateful with those who helped me to edit my first airport. The IFAET is an amazing and fantastic team that keeps growing everyday with members from around the world.


  • Total of airports done so far: 179
  • Total of Low Priority airports: 111
  • Total of +10k Feet Runway airports: 64
  • Total of A380 airports: 4


  • Project Panama
  • Project Hub of the Americas


  • 1st Airport / 1st +10k Feet Runway airport / 1st Central American airport.

MPTO-Tocumen International Airport-PANAMA-PANAMA

  • 1st Caribbean airport.


  • 1st South American Airport.

SAEZ-Ministro Pistarini Airport-BUENOS AIRES-ARGENTINA

  • 1st European airport.

LGAV-Athens Eleftherios Venizelos Airport-ATTIKI-GREECE

  • 1st Asian airport.

RJGG-Chubu Centrair Intl-MIE-JAPAN

  • 1st African airport.


  • 1st North American Airport.

KPHX-Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport-ARIZONA-USA

  • 1st Oceanian Airport.


  • 1st Low Priority airport.

MPMG-Panama City-Marcos A Gelabert Airport-PANAMA-PANAMA

  • 1st A380 Airport.

EDDF-Frankfurt Airport-HESSE-GERMANY

  • 100th Airport.

KHOU-William P Hobby Airport-TEXAS-USA

There’s more to come!


Well, that’s what we call an editing machine…
Congrats @brunocr98 !


Nice one @brunocr98. Looks awesome!


KDOV - Dover AFB - Delaware USA

Xplane file

Edited Version

Main Apron